Your Last Chance — only a few sets of the signed Spiritual Journeys gift set remain

YOUR LAST CHANCE! Carole tells me that she has only a few books remaining before she closes the door of WolfnorDog Enterprises for good.
Today I’d like to alert you to the Spiritual Journeys gift set. In it I share my stories of the spiritual in the often unnoticed moments of everyday life — the quiet significance of my father’s toolbox, how a blind woman imagines what clouds are like, the love of a mother for her lonely mentally challenged son, and so much more.
If you have friends who feel they are spiritual but not traditionally religious, or who care about the how the extraordinary shines through the ordinary, this trilogy may be the perfect gift for them.
I love these small books. They are simple, but deceptively deep. As I have often said, in them I try to move gently over deep waters. I hope a few of you take the chance to get this signed trilogy before the few remaining sets are gone. Go to to make the purchase.

4 thoughts on “Your Last Chance — only a few sets of the signed Spiritual Journeys gift set remain”

  1. Dear Kent,

    Thank you for this alert. I was wondering what Christmas gift to send to an extended family member. The spiritual journeys gift set is perfect. I purchased a set earlier today.

    On a different note: You seemed to have enjoyed reading John Gray’s essays. Below is a new one he published today:
    The year of the Great Humbling
    Excerpt: “The virus has shown that human supremacy was always a dangerous illusion. It is time to adjust to a more modest place in the life of the planet.”
    In many ways Gray is echoing what First Nations people have always understood ontologically.

    Another good essay by Slavoj Zizek on the same topic:
    Zizek: There will be no return to normality after Covid. We are entering a post-human era & will have to invent a new way of life
    Excerpt: “In his opposition to wearing protective masks, Giorgio Agamben refers to French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas and his claim that the face “speaks to me and thereby invites me to a relation incommensurate with a power exercised.” The face is the part of another’s body through which the abyss of the Other’s imponderable Otherness transpires.Agamben’s obvious conclusion is that, by rendering the face invisible, the protective mask renders invisible the invisible abyss itself which is echoed by a human face. Really? There is a clear Freudian answer to this claim: Freud knew well why, in an analytical session – when it gets serious, i.e. after the so-called preliminary encounters – the patient and the analyst are not confronting each other face to face. The face is at its most basic a lie, the ultimate mask, and the analyst only accedes to the abyss of the Other by NOT seeing its face. Accepting the challenge of post-humanity is our only hope. Instead of dreaming about a ‘return to (old) normality’ we should engage in a difficult and painful process of constructing a new normality. This construction is not a medical or economic problem, it is a profoundly political one: we are compelled to invent a new form of our entire social life.”

    Best wishes,

  2. I was just introduced to you! You made an episode in 2013, that aired tonight on WYCC TV in Chicago. What intrigued me the most was your deep Native connection and your expressions of Spirituality. Also, your beautiful connection to your dog! Looking forward to getting back to Wisconsin to get some of your books at my library. Got to go…. watching my daughters three dogs. Peace, Patty

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