Your Help Needed. It is time for this Sculpture to find a home.

“We are not apart from nature.  We are a part of nature.”

As a writer, you have heard me say that my work has been a search for an authentic American spirituality, a place where the rich humanity of the Judeo Christian tradition met with the profound earth bound humility of Native American belief.

Thirty years ago, as a sculptor, I committed to making one final image that would embody that spirituality.

It was to be an echo of a crucifixion, an homage to the heartfelt Medieval crucifixes of northern Europe enlivened and defined by the haunting power of nature.

The only way I could do this authentically was to allow the forces of nature to have their hand in the sculptural process.

And so this piece, slightly smaller than life size and carved from a living piece of black walnut, has now been given life by thirty years of weathering by the forces of nature.

It has lay in the hot summer sun, stood against the harsh forces of winter snows and winds. It spent a year submerged among the shifting sands and lapping waters of a deep northern Minnesota lake, and seasons touched by the gentle breezes and changing light of autumns and springs.

It has taken its final form at the hand of nature in a way that could never have been done by human touch, and I now wish it to find a final resting place in a church or meditation setting where it can speak to anyone who sits in its presence.

To do this, I need to find a setting and I need to find a donor. Or, failing this I will need to run a kickstarter to pay for the piece and its transportation and erection on its final site.

This is a labor of love and finality for me. I will very likely never do another sculpture, and this piece, that I have always called “Angelus,” says everything that, as a sculptor, I have needed to say.

If you know of a setting, or know of a donor, or wish to be part of this journey of passage, please contact me either through this site or at

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