Wolf nor Dog film

Just a quick informational note here for those of you who have asked:

Progress is finally being made on the filming of Neither Wolf nor Dog. I wrote the screenplay a number of years ago under the able tutelage of director, John Irvin (Turtle Diary, Widow’s Peak, A Month by the Lake, etc.), but nothing came of the project at that time. Now the project is finally getting off the ground.

My screenplay will be used, though I am sure there will be modifications. Directors, actors, and producers all have a say in how something is shaped. The director has not yet been chosen, nor have the actors. But the company that will produce the film has already been formed (or, at least, is in the process of being formed), and locations are being scouted.

This is a long way from a finished product, but the direction is good and the feel is positive. When people begin investing their own time and money in a project, you know that something is taking place.

I don’t wish to say too much at this point, partially because there is not much to say, and partially out of respect for the process. I feel fortunate to be working with people for whom this is a labor of love and who choose to see me as a creative partner in the enterprise. I am hopeful that something good is in the making.

Perhaps in a future blog I’ll write a bit more about the fascinating process of creating a screenplay. It is as different from writing a book as creating a melody is from writing lyrics. I learned much in the process, and am a better writer for the effort. With luck, something special will result.

And, oh, I should mention: yes, there is Native involvement in the project beyond the cast. I would not have had it any other way.

Stay tuned. And remember to check out wolfnordog.com

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