Where, oh where, is Lone Dog Road?

Many of you are asking (as am I):  Where, oh where, is the promised new novel, Lone Dog Road?

Here’s what you are waiting for:

A book that William Kent Krueger says “is breathtaking in its beauty and heartwarming in its humanity.”

A book that Dan O’Brien says “Opens a door on another reality.”

A book that Leif Enger says is “swift, compassionate, and instantly credible.”

A book that my friend, Robert Plant, calls “a revelation.”

It is, I hope, all of that.  But it is also a book that is having a frustrating and difficult time being born.  As I’ve said, the big publishers ran from it because it has the mark of Cain upon it:  A white man writing about Indians.  Notwithstanding that I’ve earned my spurs in the Native world by my patient labors over 30 years, and that hundreds of you Native folks — among my most faithful and insightful readers — would stand up for me on a moment’s notice, the publishing world sees with wary eyes and paints with a broad brush.  The book scared them, leaving me to go with this earnest, courageous young publisher, Polished Stone Press.

To their credit, Polished Stone is, with a small staff, trying to do what the big publishers do with hundreds of employees and well-oiled machines.   Not suprisingly, they are struggling.  The innards of the struggle are unimportant; watching the sausage be made is generally a sight to be avoided.  I just want to see the book in your hands, because I love it and believe in it and want to offer it to you as what I think is a unique literary gift.  And I will get it to you.

At this point there are plans to simultaneously publish a limited edition hardcover and a paperback, and to do so within the next few months.  I do not want to be “the boy who cried, ‘book’!” so I’m not going to proclaim a date.   And, understand, I’m none too happy with the delays myself.  But I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We only have to hope that the light is not some chimerical illusion or distant mirage.

But I’m willing to be patient.  Lone Dog Road is a good book; one of my favorites, and I believe it is worth the wait.

Just know that when it finally does come out, I will need all of you to help it make its way in the world by flooding the cyber world with reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and everywhere else.  A small publisher has no real promotion budget and has to rely on word of mouth, which has always been good to me.

We as author and readers have always had a special relationship — more friends than readers and writer, so I know I can count on you.  Lone Dog Road is going to need all of us pushing it into the light if we want it to do the good in the world that my other books have done.

So stay patient and stay tuned.  And talk to your local bookseller about making a pre-order.  They will be the first to know when this little literary infant will crawl forth into the world.  Hopefully, it will be before the buds are on the trees.

I’ll keep you updated as best I can. 

40 thoughts on “Where, oh where, is Lone Dog Road?”

  1. I’d love a copy of the book, and promise to write reviews as well as recommend it to my book group as a book to read…

  2. Most, if not all of corporate America lacks vision. This is why my father warned from a very young age to never place my allegiance in any large company–only in family and friends. I’ve been your friend for many years. Your books have “pulled me through” at times when it was hard to know which way was up. So thank you. I will wait patiently for your new book. Of course it will be worth the wait.

  3. Steven Reynolds

    Ya know there are times when I just swear my computer has been listening to me … Three days ago I went looking for Lone Dog Road on your website and couldn’t find mention of it, at all. Nuthin’. I was convinced that it too was one of those things, that as a elderly person older than 72 but younger than my wife by seven years, says makes up a whole bunch of things in his head then wonders why he can’t find them or find any sign that what it was he’s lost can’t be found. A guy can go wacky on the best of days given that, so when I went to the source — well, I was almost over the edge. You had me wondering what had happened to you between moving back to Minnesota and arriving here — or not. Good-ness.
    So, okay, Lone Dog Road is still real (I’ll show this email invitation to the wife.) that proves I’m not, well, completely wacky; she’d still argue the point, and just be ‘patient-er.’ Er, more patient. Thank you for the enlightenment,
    Steven Reynolds

  4. Not to worry, your devoted fan base will support you. Have faith my friend.
    As an artist, I realize what we put out into the world leaves us naked and authentic. We must have trust in ourselves and our talents to open the eyes and minds of those that choose to embark on our creative journey. You have my attention and have so since I read your first book.
    Love is all that matters.

  5. Just read this. Amend my previous comment, Kent. Any way I can purchase an e-book copy from you? Shipping a book to West Africa costs more than the book!
    David Levine

  6. Kent, it will be my pleasure to review your book when it becomes available and to spread the word. Good luck. Good things come to good people. Hang in there.
    Bill B ( a fan, who tells his two sons that Kent Nerburn is one of his favorites! )

  7. Can’t wait! I’ll ask my librarians for it. As well as Amazon, and our local book sellers. I’m close to three towns so I’ll get it around all three.

    Wish I could fund you to come to promote your work, but I can’t – yet!

  8. Kent, I understand the good intentions behind a wish to rectify past injustices, including in the publishing world. But my God, “the mark of Cain” because you are a white man writing about Native Americans. Ursula K. LeGuin once said that she probably wouldn’t have been able to publish her Earthsea novels in today’s environment: the early protagonist, Ged, was Black.

    My own take is that this is replacing one set of injustices with another. The writerly imagination should know no boundaries.

    In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing the book finally come into print!

  9. I definitely want one! Is it a stand-alone book or a sequel to an earlier book? Thank you for all your writing. You have a lot of fans.

  10. I’m so sorry you’ve had trouble publishing your new book. Very disappointed in the publishers who turned it down. I’ll be waiting anxiously for it. I’ll buy it when you can say “It’s Here!”
    Please let those other publishers know your devoted fans – all these comments- are disappointed in them.

  11. I’m so excited to read your latest book, and would love to have a copy. Please keep me updated on when it becomes available. Thanks!!

  12. Thanks for the update on Lone Dog Road, Kent.
    But you needn’t. Who can control Cosmic timing?

    It’s part of any creation.

    Big Publishers never cared about what matters.
    The fear and hatred of Ghost Dancers never left.

    SD needs to give the state back to the Oyate’.
    Rather than threaten their way of life.
    Their sovereignty.

    Enough have sold out, same as before.
    Divide and Conquer has always worked.

    We all need to pay rent. It’s the least we can do.
    It’s their land. BP’s are afraid of you too, Kent.

  13. Can the “big boys” not see the success of your trilogy?!?! Are you not the same person and is it not the same (or similar) subject?!?!?!? What changed?

  14. Douglas O’Neill

    “Good things come to those who wait.”


    Patience is a virtue also, but at my age time becomes a factor! 😁
    I can wait for what you have written. It has always been worth my time to read what you have labored over.

  15. “Time becomes a factor.” Yes, indeed. The Reaper is pulling at my pants leg too, and this has made my wait for the publisher an exercise in self-transcendence. It gets harder every day.

  16. Kent, you have many loyal followers and provide such valuable knowledge and insights in your writing. And you are in good company. As I read your post, I was reminded of Ursula Le Guin’s speech at the National Book Awards in 2014. She warned us that ” Hard times are coming, when we’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now….right now, we need writers who know the difference between production of a market commodity and the practice of an art. ” I think it’s clear to many of us that we need your voice.

  17. I’ll keep looking out to hear from you on a publishing date. If it is available directly from your website I’d like to order it that way.
    I note that the title already comes up on Amazon.
    Meanwhile I do have several of your books to catch up on.
    After reading Neither Wolf Nor Dog I was pleased to obtain the DVD and see it with family.
    I hope the recent move has gone well.

  18. Thank you for the update and I am glad to see this post. I will happily “pre-order” Lone Dog Road from Powells in Portland as soon as I hear from you that it has a release date. ( On their site it is actually listed as “Backorder”)
    I know it will be worth the wait, and thank you very much for your work.

  19. This post appears to have a larger number than any post prior to it. I believe the reason is because we are hungry for your work, your passion, and your creative vision and skills. I agree with Steven Reynolds’ comments, and I would add that those of us (like Steven and me) who live in and write about Minnesota’s boundary lands – far NW Minnesota, far more remote than the famous Boundary waters – are wetting our chops waiting for ‘Lone Dog’s” appearance. You and those who follow you are kin – a community of like minds and even shared values when it comes to wildness and being, well, on a lightly trod path and to one degree or another, off the grid — at least in mind an spirit.
    I’ve been accused of being verbose, and I’m showing that here. So, I’ll stop now, wishing you, your fans, and our community rapid highways into unknown territory, with publishers, agents and supporters who would be smart to take the journey together.
    PS Please send supportive, wilderness energy for the success of my forthcoming book, “Tears for the Samurai.” Talk about uncharted territories! Release hoped for by the end of 2024.

  20. Well Amazon UK have given me an Expected delivery date of June – September For my copy of lone dog road. I await in anticipation like the faithful follower of our books that I am

  21. Can’t wait to get the book.
    My wife and I so enjoy your writing. I read your Trilogy out loud to her so we could just savor them!
    Looking forward to it!

  22. I have been eagerly awaiting your latest book……I paid for a pre-order from my seller in January 2024. I just received an email from them saying, “vendor cancelled back order client” along with a refund! Grrrrr!!! Where can we go to pre-order, order, promote or encourage “them” to release your book? How can we help? Your writing is a gift that the world MUST continue to have!

  23. Dear Kent,
    I’ve been a Reader and fan of your work since first reading you. I ordered {Lone Dog Road} back in July 2023 and they just cancelled and refunded my prepaid money. Disappointing!
    We the public and your fans don’t know the real reason behind this boycott – yet, we have experienced the country and the current state of affairs: not healthy!
    {Truth of the matter} seems to put many off, today. It is an eyewash for the blind who prefer ostrich mentality. You’re too connected to be disheartened or discouraged.
    Keep writing and speaking with the {talking sticks}

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