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I’ll be in the Portland, Oregon area from mid-March to mid-April. Then, in early May I’ll be in New England for a week. Does anyone want to have me do a reading or a speaking visit to their book club, bookstore, school, library, or other civic venue? If so, send a note to knerburn@kentnerburn.com. We’ll see if something can be arranged.

3 thoughts on “West then East”

  1. It would be wonderful if you could speak in the central New York region. We have, of course, a rich native american history, dozens of colleges, excellent public libraires, perhapes some civic venues also as regards native american issues or just human issues in general. You might find many that might like to host you. Also, some pretty nice country to see with rolling hills and fresh water lakes.

    As a note, I really enjoyed The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo. For me, it really brought the story full circle, brought more depth and humanity to all of the characters (I tended to idolize them too much, a failing of mine). My only disappointment was the the story had to end.

    Bob Ravera
    Syracuse, NY

  2. Your post about trips to the West and East coasts prompted me write this message. I live in White Bear Lake MN and a few years ago – maybe 5, but time flies – you did a presentation at Redeemer Lutheran Church in WBL. It was well-attended and as a long time reader of your work I truly enjoyed meeting you. I wonder if you would consider a second visit to WBL. I would be pleased to organize an event at my church – WBL United Methodist – and invite the community. No rush here. Just wanted to put the thought out and see if it might be something we could work toward.
    I just got The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo and am excited to read it and complete the trilogy.

    Safe travels.

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