Thank you and welcome. I’m pleased that you stopped by for a visit.

On this website you will find out something about me, my books, how to purchase autographed copies and unique gifts, and ways of contacting me for speaking or reading engagements. You will also find the dusty archives of five years of blogging – along with an occasional update about current projects – as well as a few articles, interviews, and video clips that will give you a glimpse of the man behind the writing.

As to the writing itself, most of you know that I focus on spiritual subjects, broadly defined. Much of my work deals with Native American themes and subjects because I believe there are truths within their traditions that we all need to learn and embrace.

You will also find a constant search for those moments when a glimmer of the sacred breaks through into the affairs of everyday life. This is consistent with Native values, but it is also, I believe, the key to a life well-lived, no matter where you find your spiritual touch points.

Most of all, know that as a writer I care deeply about you — my readers. We are friends across time and space, trying to share the best of ourselves in a world that does not always allow the best of ourselves to come out. Through my writings, I try to give voice to our common search for a life where the way of the heart is as strong as the way of the mind.

I am honored that you are willing to hear that voice.