Voices in the Stones — my new book and a thoughtful review from a good man

David Crumm, who quietly serves as one of the true allies of people laboring in the fields of spiritual and religious endeavors, has written a cogent and timely review of my new book, Voices in the Stones. Should you wish to order it, you can go to wolfnordog.com for an autographed copy, or you can buy it from any of the usual suspects.

voices-coverBut, first, read the review and see what you think:www.readthespirit.com

4 thoughts on “Voices in the Stones — my new book and a thoughtful review from a good man”

  1. In ‘case’ I want to order it ?? You BET I do !! I’m right over there immediately! SO EXCITED ! I didn’t realize you were writing a new book !! Thank you Mr Nerburn for my Christmas present ‘to myself’ !!! Can’t wait to read it !

  2. Thank you for such a compelling book. Each chapter is filled with vivid imagery and succinct lessons from the heart. Each chapter provides hours of thought-provoking analyzation of my own views, how they came to be, and how they are changing in light of your books.


  3. What a most needed message thank you for the email notification of the new book!!! I can relate to so very much in my own life the truth we often do not hear of. Enlightening my spirit for sure, and very painful in a listen and learn way! Ordered for mom and Dad also elders. I have passed the word on as always carry in one hand and share with the other. Thank You! What a way to end out 2016 and start a new 2017.

    Children and elders path!! 🙂

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