Title help needed.

New novel coming out.

You walk into a bookstore. Which title piques your interest and makes you pick up the book?

Low Dog Road

Lone Dog Road

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81 thoughts on “Title help needed.”


    Either if the author is Kent Nerburn. Which title will be answered in the book? Will I learn why “low dog” or “lone dog”.

  2. Lone Dog Road. Also, a friend who has run many bookstores says she has seen time and time again that great book covers sell books more than anything else.

  3. Sharyn McCormick

    If you’re the author, the title doesn’t really matter, but definitely Lone Dog. You may be sorry you asked, lol

  4. Your name alone immediately draws my interest. However, to answer your question, “Lone Dog Road” appeals to me more.

  5. “Lone Dog” invokes for me so many feelings, visuals and also memories of your past loved and treasured books.

  6. Stephen Rivers (Smith)

    Agree with Mary that Low piques curiosity, but Lone carries a more poetic, smooth resonance with me. Whether that matters or not….?

  7. I am going to have a little “HAIR OF THE DOG” before I figure out if I’m a “low or lone” dog.
    Maybe I’m just a “Lone-Low Dog” kinda guy.

  8. Yes, if you are the author, I’m interested! Same with dogs; I love dogs.
    But, to be honest, neither title grabs me. I don’t pick up any meaning in the phrase “Low Dog”. So too, I don’t know how it would connect to the word, “Road”.
    As for “Lone Dog”, the first thing that come to mind is “lone wolf”, but again, I don’t know how it connects to “Road”.
    I am sorry, I don’t mean to be critical. Just giving you my first impressions.
    All the best with the book. I look forward to reading it.

  9. Your name on the novel would probably suffice for me to buy it, after having read the earlier trilogy. But of the two titles? Depends on the meaning of ‘low’ vs’ lone’, and there’s only one person who can determine that: Kent Nerburn 🙂

  10. I prefer “Lone Dog Road”, partly because it seems to roll off my tongue more easily than “Low Dog Road”. The former sounds intriguing to me, while the latter feels a bit depressing (and who needs that these days, right?). Either way, seeing your name on the cover will suffice to sell me a copy!

  11. Lone Dog Road – evocative, strong image
    Low Dog Road – curiosity
    I’m really happy you’re publishing another book and you
    could call it almost anything.

  12. Brian K Vanden Bossche

    Low Dog Road.
    There is more mystic with Low Dog Road.

    Lone Dog Road is more familiar, less adventuresome.

  13. Lone Dog Road. Why, when one is separated from the pack, a lone dog, it is all the more arduous journey.

  14. Douglas O’Neill

    ‘Lone Dog Road’

    Would be my choice based on Kent’s ability of words and their ability to carry you thru his story he is telling.
    Being from a rural area and by using Lone Dog Road as the book title I can see all types of potential story lined that could arise from a lonely scroungy dog wondering down a backroad in rural America.
    Looking forward to new book !!

    Doug O’Neill

  15. I have to agree with many of the already posted comments: if your name as author is on the book, I’m buying it. (How can I get it signed?)

    I believe “Lone Dog Road” may more readily resonate with more people who have been forced to walk their own path for any variety of reasons to persevere.

  16. Jeffrey Campbell

    Low Dog Road engages my mind in a circular kind of way. Lone Dog Road is rather linear in my mind – chances are I have probably already met the idea.

  17. I kinda get Lone Dog. I kinda feel like one sometimes. So I might pass it by, judging from the title alone. But Low Dog…I would have to pick that up to see what that’s all about. I might be one of those sometimes too. Low Dog would definitely make me pick up the book if I’m going on title alone.

    I like that you ask for input.

  18. Low dog sounds interesting. But then, I’ve always thought a band called “mud bellied dogs” would be a fabulous name for a blues band.

  19. Lone Dog Road would be what I would pick up if I didn’t know you were the author. Low dog is an expression my mom used to use, meaning the lowest of all or the one who matters least or the one who gets last choice. I’ll look forward to the new book being released.

  20. Lone Dog Road. I will wait with anticipation for Kents book to be published, I have great expectations of nor being able to put the book down and read it in one go.

  21. ‘Low Dog’ suggests Fatback and Charles Bronson to me as they were both ‘low-to-the-ground’ dogs with in-depth character that Nerburn may have spent some serious time developing. ‘Lone Dog’, apparently has some historical basis being a Nakota ‘Keeper of the Winter Count,’ according to the Nat’l Museum of the American Indian website. I guess it sort of depends on what the book is about and what mists of legend, lore, or reality Nerburn is leading us through and pointing the way beyond.

  22. Low Dog Road seems to be a less predictable title. I have no idea what it means, which makes it more intriguing, more interesting, a little less familiar. There must be a country song out there named Lone Dog Road(?) You could leave the cover blank, if you write it, I will read it.

  23. What an evocative image . . . a lone dog traveling down an old dusty road with lots of twists and turns. I see him entering the woods and it’s night . . . I hear an owl hoot. I think “Where’s his pack? Did he ever have a family who cared for him? Is he hurt? Is he lonely in his aloneness? Will he ever find himself reunited with his/a pack?” This pulls me in! I really like Lone Dog Road.
    PS: Low Dog: I’m thinking of short legged Corgis or Dachshunds.
    PPS: Kent, you write; I read. Really that simple.

  24. Honored that you asked and delighted you have a forthcoming book. I prefer Lone Dog Road but, like others, would gravitate towards any book you authored

  25. They both have a little pronunciation challenge – as in “toy boat”
    Road to Lone Dog

    Road of Lone Dog

    Low Dog’s Story..

    Low Dog Rises

    and yet, a white cover with your name works for this fan.

  26. Barbara S Weiss

    Lone Dog Road but anything you write I will buy! When might we see your latest masterpiece?

  27. Christine Forsthoefel

    I agree that if your name is on a book, that’s all I need. I initially wanted to say Lone Dog Road but now I think it depends on the message of the book. However, when you say the words – Lone Dog Road -out loud, it sits inside me a little longer.

  28. Jerry Glen Watt

    “Dog Gone Road” — grabs your interest on a both a literal and figurative level. Not what you asked for but…another idea.

  29. Your name on the book will make me buy it over the title of the book! But to answer your question Lone Dog Road.
    I’m excited!

  30. Low Dog Road because it is more vague needing explanation which makes it more compelling. I cannot wait to read it

  31. Joanne Sullivan (aka HUSNEY)

    Low dog road
    But Kent, go by your gut. Anyway that it’s your book is the big draw. By now you may have decided. Joanne Sullivan

  32. Rita Renee Weatherbee

    Lone Dog

    I just finished reading Neither Wolf Nor Dog. How I ended up with a copy of this book is a mystery to me, as I haven’t bought anything but electronic books for 10 years. While cleaning a bookshelf, I found your book. I have read numerous historical accounts of our Indigenous people Your book gave me a perspective and insight into what it’s like to be Native and living on a reservation in modern times. Dan’s stories and recounting of the plight of his people help me to better understand the what and the why of Indian culture today and the terrible loss and sadness of the culture that was almost lost due to the white man trying to wipe out or reprogram the true stewards of this land. Thank you for writing this book!

  33. “Lone Dog Road” is more visual, more graphic… “low” conjures up hierarchy in a pack of dogs, but I am not sure what we call the dogs who fall beneath the leader or top dog… and I am not sure if there is a tier of dogs beneath that…

  34. A late response, but I’m favoring Lone Dog Road–short and simple. Low Dog Road is somehow reminiscent of “underdog.” Also reminiscent of the “low road” emotional response spoken of in neurophysiology. Maybe both are your intent. Anyway, anything you write is greatly appreciated.

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