Thoughts from the ocean

Back at the ocean editing Lone Dog Road.

I love this book and I Iove this place. Saying one is “blessed” sounds mawkish to me, but it is so true about being able to sit at the edge of the ocean.

Last night my son, Nik, and I were walking along the beach and I said, “I think the reason I love the ocean and the prairies so much is that you move from observation, which implies an observer as well as something observed, to pure apprehension, which makes you the passive receiver of the presence of what is coming in to you.”

Big thoughts, but true, I believe, and honestly earned. Facing something too big too think is a healing experience. All you can do is take it in and allow yourself to be expanded. Light, color, rhythm, sound — they don’t settle into the mind as objects, but as presences. They feel like the true origin of art to me.

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