The Spiritual Journey — A trilogy for deep winter

Deep winter is a time of meditation and reflection. I wanted to offer you a selection of readings that fits this quieter time of the year, so I’ve put together what I am calling “The Spiritual Trilogy.”

Simple Truths

Reflections on life’s big issues — falling in love, the true meaning of work, the power of travel, the difference between loneliness and solitude, and much more.

Small Graces

Moments of beauty hidden in the ordinary — Describing clouds to a blind woman, the simple sacredness of an ordinary meal, lessons learned from tending a garden, and more.

Make Me an Instrument of your Peace

The world’s most beloved prayer — the prayer of St. Francis — transcends all differences and comes alive in the most unexpected corners of our everyday lives.  This book contains the cab driver story that has taken on a life of its own.

If you are interested, you can purchase “The Spiritual Journey” trilogy through the shop on my website.  These books are good reading for this season when the spirit is still and the heart is open.

2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Journey — A trilogy for deep winter”

  1. Just picked up your book. Chief Joseph & The Flight of the Nez Perce. Looking forward to reading it.
    Recently relocated from Oregon to The Bitteroot Valley specifically Darby Mt. I live a short ways from Chief Joseph Ranch. Very Intrigued by the true story. Can’t wait to learn more from your book.

  2. Judson Leafasia

    Dear Kent,
    Thank you and thank God for internet. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the world where online banking is still in its infancy stages and shopping on ebay and other outlets remains a hassle and therefore cannot access any of your books. In the meantime I’ll be satisfied with the musings. Thank you,

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