The Small and the Great

Some days the world is large; some days the world is small. It all depends on where you place your vision.

This is one of the most challenging aspects of human interaction and relationships.

If you are one who finds meaning in focusing on the small and everyday, you very often seem naive and limited to those who watch the larger movements of the world around them. If you are one who focuses on the large picture, the shape of the world, the big issues, you often seem distant and cold to those who feel the immediate warmth of the small pleasures that shape the everyday.

We all have a little bit of both in us, and move from one to the other as circumstances permit.

The key, it seems to me, is to acknowledge the reality of both ways to see the world, and to recognize that both points of view contribute to the good of the planet, and that each offers a viable way to live one’s life.

When I look at the small and the human, and I’m feeling of good heart, life is much warmer and more full of love. Yet, when I look at the large sweep of issues and ideas, though I am filled with more righteous anger, I feel more responsible for my fellow human beings. Maybe that’s the distinction: in the first case, I feel more responsible TO my fellow human beings; in the second, I feel more responsible FOR them.

Fine distinctions, all. But the truth may well lie in the words of Chuang Tzu: “It is the wise person who sees near and far as the same, and does not despise the small or value the great.” A thought worth pondering as we wander off into the mystery and magic of another day.

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