The Hay Festival in Wales, The Black Hills film Festival in Rapid City, and Wisdom Ways in St. Paul

Ah, the season for talking, traveling, and generally coming out from under a rock has begun.  The first emergence will be at the Black Hills Film Festival in Rapid City, South Dakota, where the director and some of the cast will be present at a showing of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog.  This will be an “old home” gathering.  I’ve seen Steven, the director, since the film came out, but none of the actors.  This is their time and the film’s time.  You can consider me either “value added” or vestigial, depending on your wont.

I will be giving a talk centered around civility based on the film and the book.  With luck, I will be able to gather some of the local Native elders to share how we understand each other and treat each other and what we need to learn about respect for different ways.  This talk is on the 28th of April after the showing of the film.  Here’s a link:

On my way back to the Twin Cities I will be making a stop at the Jeffers Petroglyphs in southern Minnesota to do a reading of the title piece from my most recent book, Voices in the Stones, about the visit I made there with my Tlingit friends, Raymond and Martin Sensmeier, when traveled together to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, to do a presentation around my book, The Wolf at Twilight.  This reading will be at noon on May 1st.

On the 3rd of May I will be in St. Paul, Minnesota, to give a reading and talk on my most recent book, Voices in the Stones.  This is an event put on by one of my favorite organizations, The Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality.  I’ve done several programs here before, most recently with the wonderful activist folk singer, Larry Long. I consider this my most spiritually kindred venue and do so much look forward to seeing friends, old and new. Here’s where to get information on this event:

The 4th of June will find me at the Hay Literary Festival in Hay-on-Wye, Wales for the launch of the U.K. edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog.  It will be a chance to renew my delightful and unlikely friendship with Robert Plant, who will share the stage with me in a discussion of the book and how it brought us together.  I am hopeful that a few of my U.K. readers will make their way to this esteemed festival so I can put a face to the names of folks with whom I have communicated over the years.  Here’s your link for the festival:

And so it begins.  Later in the year I will be in Canandaigua, New York and a few other spots.  And my long-threatened kickstarter for my reprint of A Haunting Reverence, now to be titled, Native Echoes: Listening to the Spirit of the Land, is just over the horizon.

Stay tuned.



7 thoughts on “The Hay Festival in Wales, The Black Hills film Festival in Rapid City, and Wisdom Ways in St. Paul”

  1. We finally have a viewing scheduled here in Atlanta April 13th. I am so happy and excited about this! I have waited a long time and my heart is singing that it has made its way here.

  2. Hi Kent, I wish you all the very best with your forthcoming appearances. Absolutely delighted that you can make the Hay festival. My wife and I have our tickets already and can’t wait to see your piece with Robert Plant. Best wishes, Mick

  3. Dear Kent Sir,

    I am Jatin Doshi, I was fortunate to pick up the book :Simple Truths” from a scrap dealer here in Mumbai & it changed the way I look at life & its big issues as explained in the book.
    Recently last year in December 2015 i volunteered to coordinate an Education Cum Charity for the students of Cempaka School – Kaula Lampur – Malaysia with the Title – “Opening Doors Within”. The Principal / Teachers & Students all had fantastic experience about this tour.
    I look forward to conduct Free / Honorary Lectures in a few colleges taking reference of the views explained in the book Simple Truths. Although at this point of time none of the colleges have agreed or confirmed for providing any schedule in next academic year which will begun in June 2017.The whole idea of taking these lecture with students in Final year before graduation is that I feel a few important topics like Vocation / Money / Marriage & Parenting can be explained to them before they take up a job or get into marriage & parenting.
    In this regard I request your permission to use the contents published in this book to share with the participating students in case any of the colleges allow me to take these lectures.

    My father also publishes a free monthly newsletter to around 1000 subscribers in our regional language – Gujarati. The main idea of the newsletter is share selected articles / stories / experiences / poems / verses from all the noble & wise people around the world attached primarily to Gandhian way of life. – Website Reference is

    About Myself:

    Professionally I am working as Senior Manager in SBI Mutual Fund Mumbai for last 9 years in Sales Team & intend to Volunteer on weekends with College Students to provide Free / Honorary Lectures about Simple Truths.

    I also look forward to meet you in case you are visiting India please contact me on my Cell No – +91-9819293913 / +91-7506176043.

  4. Hello Jatin,

    Thank you for your request. Please feel free to use any of my works and words in your presentations. It would be good if you would mention the source, either in your talks or in the literature about your talks. I hope you are successful in this very worthy and needed task you are undertaking. I’m honored to play a small part.

  5. Hello Kent
    Loved your books for years, now. When will you be in Canandaigua NY?
    I’d love to see you

    Binghamton NY

  6. fran franklin

    Dear Kent

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to educate myself with your books and meditations of the lives of the Native American People. I honor the lives of all the Native Americans throughout our nation’s history and am so proud that I was educated through reading and sometimes reading the books twice.All children and adults likewise should be educated as I was and still am.
    thank you again.

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