The French Connection

Neither Wolf nor Dog (Ni Loup ni Chien) is rapidly becoming a cult sensation in France. It currently is the number one best seller in “History and Current Affairs of the the Americas”, and I’m receiving emails and posts from folks in France who are discovering it and loving it. I’ve always felt that my responsibility as a writer is to open minds and hearts. And I’ve always taken seriously the counsel of an Ojibwe man who was helping me with the oral history project many years ago: “People learn best by stories because stories lodge deep in the heart.” If by my writings I can play a role in reshaping the understanding of the American historical experience, here and abroad, then I can say I’ve paid my rent for my time on earth.

9 thoughts on “The French Connection”

  1. In connecting with the rightful owners of this land, you help us to do the same Kent, even on a spiritual level.

    When we can relate, there can be relationship.

    All Things Are Connected

    May Great Spirit Help Us All

    (from Denver)

  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all. It deserves the same in the US. Rod and I were in France fifteen years ago, helping some women there with a ceremony. Still have many connections there.

  3. Russell Volksen

    Thats really cool they’re feeling it over there – it’s such a great book. I enjoyed tremendously. Countless others have too. Not a surprise they like it in France too!

  4. Fantastic! And congratulations. So very well deserved. And what a treat for the people of France. I envy them. I think everyone will agree that one’s first readings of the Neither Wolf Nor Dog books are really special experiences.
    The French have such an amazing history and such close ties to US and native history. I am always saddened to hear Americans disparaged them.
    Well, Alexander de Tocqueville’s got nothing on Kent Nerburn!
    Back in my restaurant days, closing up and having philosophical discussions over a few beers, a friend and I reached a similar conclusion as your Ojibwe friend, that fiction very often brought home truths about life so much better than reading philosophy.
    All the best and thanks for sharing this.

  5. Your trilogy was the bet I have ever read! I live in the southwest and have known many native Americans-they have taught me so much-I have great respect for them. Thank you for your fine writing.

  6. I am waiting for all of your writing to take the world by storm. This is great news from France. Keep writing and sharing! Kent, you have unique perspectives that everyone should hear.

  7. Diane Solomon

    I came across Neither Wolf Nor Dog while browsing through books at a thrift store. It mesmerized me and stole my heart so I quickly ordered the remaining two of the trilogy. I read them both straight through. They spoke so much to me. I am so grateful I found that first beat up book and decided it looked like a good read. Thank you for your wonderful, caring and thoughtful writing. You transported my heart and soul on a magnificent journey with Dan and Grover. One I will never forget. Their culture deserves to be preserved. We definitely did them wrong. Diane Solomon, Scottsdale, AZ

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