The Fall speaking begins, a kernel of an idea, and a shout out to the look of the new edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog

I have a few speaking engagements coming up in the fall.  They can be found in the “upcoming events” section of the website.

I’m always open to scheduling new events if you have a group or organization that is interested.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like to bounce ideas around.

I’ve been giving some thought to doing a “book to film” book club tour where I show the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog to your book club and then we have a casual, enjoyable “living room” discussion about how the book went from page to screen and I share some of the behind the scenes stories about what worked, what didn’t, and such interesting anecdotes as how Fatback went from being an aged Labrador in the book to an earnest Corgi in the film.  It would be a chance for me to hear your thoughts and would be an opportunity to meet face to face in a small group setting.  This is just a gleam in my eye at the present time, and there are a lot of variables and moving parts to make it work.  But I thought I’d make a mention of the possibility to see if there is any initial interest.

Meanwhile, the new 25th Anniversary Edition of NWND is on the shelves, with the new foreword by my friend, Robert Plant, and a few internal changes here and there.  I really like the look. 

Dancing with the Gods — a book I love that has not found its footing yet — will be getting a makeover for the paperback.  I’ll write more about that in my next post.

Hope all is going well for all of you out there.  As always, I value your continued interest in my work more than you know, and always look forward to hearing from you.  Oh yes, one final thing:  Do not ask me about how to get the DVD of the film.  I cannot help you in this regard.

13 thoughts on “The Fall speaking begins, a kernel of an idea, and a shout out to the look of the new edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog”

  1. Great idea…book club to film….we have a venue in millville nj….the levoy…..that may be interested in something like that…or perhaps Wheaton village who also does small arts things

  2. I read this book in the 90’s and it was a real eye opener for me and so deeply felt. I was fortunate to see the film when it came through Atlanta and loved Chief David Bald Eagle playing Dan in the film. What an expressive face and a man with many stories himself. Thank you for this beautiful work.

  3. Any showing at a public venue needs to be coordinated through the director/producer. I am hoping to find small groups that would like to see it in home settings where we could share a meal and discussion around a private showing of the film and a discussion of the book itself.

  4. My husband and I read it about 7 years ago and it had a huge impact on us both. We have passed it on to others and are trying to get it into the hands of our Culture and Ethics class at our local high school. We live in Napa, CA and welcome you to come here.

  5. Sadly, publishers generally do not pay for book tours any more, except for celebrity and best-seller authors. It is a simple matter of economics for them: if they are not going to recoup costs, they won’t pay, and they are disinclined to make bets that a tour will generate enough interest in a book to justify the costs involved. And, since book stores do not pay for readings and appearances, tour costs generally land on authors, a notoriously underpaid group. That’s why we need to find speaking gigs or appearances at colleges and other venues to pay the freight. It’s a tough situation all around, and far different from the inside than it seems from the outside. I’d love to do a tour in L.A. I’ve got a lot of readers there. But unless there is a speaking engagement that brings me there, it is unlikely to happen.

  6. I wish I could invite you to the UK for you to show a film and give a talk about your film, also you ent me a mail on my mobile and I accidently deleted the mail, Any chance of you to send me a copy. The mail was about a young north American who has a part to play in a film with Angelene Jolie. Am I right? I also have many friends who are readers. In fact I may give a talk on Neither Wolf or Dog if I can gather a group together.
    With regards
    Anne Murray (UK)

  7. Just google Martin Sensmeier and Jim Thorpe. You should be able to find the particular article, as well as many others, that talk about Martin and the film.

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