TEACHERS, BOOKCLUBS, COMMUNITY GROUPS — Zoom Opportunity with the author of Neither Wolf nor Dog

These are difficult times.  We miss human contact and get by as best we can.  Teachers, especially, are struggling to give their students meaningful learning experiences.

I would like to help if I can.

Many of you use Neither Wolf Nor Dog as part of your curriculum.  I have recently begun going into classrooms by ZOOM to meet with students who are reading Neither Wolf nor Dog.  Much to my surprise, it has been wonderfully successful.  Students who would otherwise not speak up become engaged, and there is an unexpected intimacy to the experience.

Here are some of the responses from faculty and facilitators:

Your talk was absolutely perfect! It was a sharing, not a lecture. You were the right person for today and I am both happy and grateful that I invited you.

Maureen Rovegno, Director of Religion, Chautauqua Institution and Assembly

Chautauqua, New York

 To say today’s “get together” was a success would be an understatement.  We could not have had a better author-teacher than you. 

 John Mooy, Visiting Professor – “Encounters with Culture”
Hope College,  Holland, Michigan

Yesterday was a wonderful experience for all of us, thanks to you.  The students loved you.

Susan Cherup, The Arnold & Esther Sonneveldt Professor of Education
Hope College, Holland, Michigan

The zoom session was wonderful. The students loved it. The visit could have gone on for hours.

Nicole Helget, Teaching Artist, The LOFT LITERARY CENTER
Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you would like to find out more about having me visit your classroom (or book club or community group) by ZOOM, write me directly at knerburn@kentnerburn.com.  Please understand that these are being offered in lieu of my standard public speaking engagements, so there is a charge.  Information on fees will be sent upon request.


4 thoughts on “TEACHERS, BOOKCLUBS, COMMUNITY GROUPS — Zoom Opportunity with the author of Neither Wolf nor Dog”

  1. Kent, Thanks for the update! I forwarded your information to my son who recently founded a book club at the university he attends and suggested that he adds your book to their reading list and then have his program hire you to speak to the members. He knows that you are my favorite author – and probably would be a favorite person if we ever met!

  2. You’re the man Kent, making us think, feel, speak, learn and grow. We saw that when you came to Boulder just over a year ago.

    The comments made me chuckle.

    Lectures have their place, but we remember most the interaction and spirit of everyone.

    Your spirit is a blessing.

    I will fwd this to our native community and public schools.

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