Surprise discovery! A rare cache of self-recorded CD’s of Small Graces for sale to you, my readers

I was doing a little housekeeping and came across a forgotten cache of CD’s of Small Graces that I recorded at a studio deep in the woods in northern Minnesota. It is the only recording of my work that has my voice. I listened to it today and it filled me with warm memories. That was a good book; those were good days.

Small Graces was one my quietest books, and certainly my most domestic. People read it at their bedsides.  More than one reader has told me that his or her elderly parents wanted this book read to them in the evening.  When you get a book that people read out loud, you have created something special.  Now you can hear me reading it out loud.  You hear it the way it sounded in my mind when I wrote it.

I’d like to make these few copies available to you, my readers and followers. You will not be getting a slick package, but you will be getting my voice, a rare copy of a deeply personal reading of one of my quietest and most loved books, and a personally signed cover with an image of the view from our dearly loved home on our lake in northern Minnesota.

I was excited to find these copies and I am excited to offer them to you. I have no store set up, so you will have to send me a check for $20 at 885 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034. As soon as I receive it, I’ll send the CD out to you. I think it is a very sweet and beautiful reading, and I’m proud of it. I think you will enjoy it.

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