Stay home, Mr. President

President Bush is coming to Minnesota.

I do not want him here.

He is coming to view the bridge disaster.

What happened to this bridge is exactly what we are doing to the bridges of Baghdad as a matter of policy.

And to the people on them.

6 thoughts on “Stay home, Mr. President”

  1. I value your passion and feel your frustration in regards to your view of our President. But please don’t let bitterness take root and choke out even a portion of the beauty that’s in your heart. He may simply be the subject of the moment (or even the summer) but there is no room for bitterness in the garden of your soul – no matter how justified.

    Very respectfully submitted…

  2. I concur with Mr. Nerburn; short of strapping a SCUBA tank to the president’s back and sending him into the Mississippi to look for bodies, I fail to see the necessity of a presidential visit. His responsibilities lie elsewhere, and do not include garnering public favor by capitalizing on a local tragedy.

  3. I had no idea that as a matter of policy we were blowing up bridges in Iraq with innocent civilians on them. Thanks for the information. I wonder why the Iraqi people are fearful of us leaving to soon.

    Are you the same folks that whined when The president didn’t get down to New Orleans soon enough?

    I live 5 miles from the bridges; drove over it several times a week and I was happy Bush came to town.

  4. Good for you Jerry. I can respect your opinion; how about respecting mine, minus the name-calling?

  5. As a matter of course, any time a politician comes to any tragedy, a sense of divisiveness arises. I agree that healing and togetherness are what we all need here in MN. I said this in a recent email to friends:
    “The true story out of this is when the bridge went down, Minnesotans went into action. In fact, they are saying that passerby’s were mostly responsible for getting a good bunch of people out of the river. To me, it’s the perfect example of the goodness of the
    people triumphing over the ineffective leadership in DC and in St. Paul.
    My glass is raised to the first responders..the divers and the general public just doing what they can to help…We as Americans are for the most part better than the leaders that represent us.”

  6. I do not detect “bitterness” in Kent’s statement, “Stay home, Mr. President.” Where’s the bitterness? I hear an honest, courageous voice; the statement is full on conscience and conciousness!
    Bravo, Kent.

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