Speaking event in the beautiful Vail, Colorado area.

For any of you in the Denver or greater Colorado area, I’ll be speaking at the Books In Bloom festival in Avon, Colorado on the 29th of this month (April).  I’d love to see any of you there.  It’s always great to attach a face to names, and so many of your names are familiar to me after years of our cyber-relationships.  Come by if you can.  We’ll share a Rocky Mountain “Hi.”



2 thoughts on “Speaking event in the beautiful Vail, Colorado area.”

  1. Thanks, Kent. I’ll try to be there.

    But I might be a little grubby for the Westin Hotel.

    I’ll try to spruce up to not distract/detract/track.

    It’s still winter there. . . mud season.


    I’ll be just south on 24 near Cooper Hill trekking around, where President Biden designated Camp Hale as a National Monument on the Divide last Fall, with a tribute to the Southern Ute tribe, which will benefit them greatly.


    Your visit is timely. This is their land and your books are a powerful and most wonderful testament to that.
    (I’m not familiar with the other authors even tho I subscribe to the Times.)

    Tickets are a reasonable $35 with free parking at the library or valet parking at the Westin.
    (about$20, which includes tip).

    I contacted the Southern Ute Tribe leader who confirmed what I’ve encountered among the Southern Utes in Chaffee County near Camp Hale. Many appreciated President Biden’s commemoration, but many also condemned it. There is a need to do more to make a better life for all native tribal people. We can’t give the land back, but reparations need to be made that President Obama started.

    I will forward this to the Southern Utes to see if anyone in the Leadville area might want to attend and meet you.

    I’m sure some have read your books. I will start asking. I’ve clearly neglected to do that, unlike here in Denver.


    Conor Ryan, whom I mentioned, is trying to get more ski areas to at least acknowledge they sit on native people’s land.
    (Conor is a full-blooded Lakota Sioux who was adopted at birth.)


    Paha Sapa A Skier’s Journey / Treasured Heights

    Safe Journey Kent

    That is a great px of you.

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