Presentation Options

I’m available for speaking engagements to groups ranging from small book club gatherings to large public presentations and convocations. Engagements can be either in person or by ZOOM.

I currently am offering two presentation options:

  1. Informal, interactive discussions on any of my books.   We can either use your questions or reader’s guides that have been created for the individual titles. Suitable for small groups like book clubs and community groups.
  2. An hour long public presentation entitled, “A Time of Listening: What America can learn from the ways and beliefs of the Native American peoples.”

This goes beyond the issue of historical wrongs and responsibilities to look at some of the fundamental values that we as a nation can learn from the Native peoples as we try to chart a meaningful course toward a more hopeful future for all of our children. Suitable for universities, churches, community gatherings, and groups wishing to have a formal speaker for an event.

Rates will vary and will be determined on a situation-by-situation basis.

Contact me through the contact form on this website to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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