I am available for speaking and reading engagements. If you wish a formal presentation, I’m happy to provide it. If you wish to have something more casual and personal, I’m happy to do that, as well. If you wish me to be part of discussions, to offer readings, or to be available for informal conversations, these, too, can be arranged. My time is your time, and I want to do what works for you.

Over the years I have done presentations for groups ranging in size from ten to one thousand people, and in age from elementary school students to senior groups. The settings have been as diverse as the Netherlands Association for the North American Indian, the Chicago Men’s Convention, and the Nez Perce Trail Foundation annual meeting.

If you would like to consider me for a speaking engagement, please contact me directly at knerburn@kentnerburn.com with your particular needs and interests, and I will either address your questions personally or hand them to the appropriate person who can make the necessary arrangements.

Speaking Reviews

“Dr. Nerburn’s thoughtful, genuine, and heartfelt comments truly engaged the audience. He did a terrific job.”
Brad Gioia – Headmaster, Montgomery Bell Academy – Nashville, Tennessee

“Kent’s presentation lent grace and poignancy to his written word. We could close our eyes and listen as his spoken words made history live with an emotional impact that reading alone could never provide.”
Carolynne Merrell – Secretary and board member – Nez Perce Trail Foundation
“Kent spoke eloquently about relations between native and non-native people and where non-native people often err. He spoke from experience and captured the attention of his diverse audience. We recommend him for any occasion.”
Arlen Kangas – President – Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation

“Dr. Kent Nerburn is a gentle man who can lead audiences to experience with him how cultures are so very different. What is especially valuable is that we learn how our own patterns of thinking do not allow us to recognize those differences. Kent teaches how to think in new ways. Not only that, his public reading and comments are of the highest order of philosophy and belief systems.”
Lynn Severson, – Department of English – Bismarck State University

“Kent was the best speaker I’ve heard in our district in quite some time. He honored multiple perspectives in his talk while addressing the complexities of white privilege. Our teachers need to be pushed on issues of power and privilege. Kent interwove this and his stories very eloquently. Days later, teachers continued to tell me how they thought he was the best speaker they’ve heard in a while.”
Tanetha Grosland, – Integration Equity Coach – North St. Paul, Minnesota school district.

“A peaceful, brilliant man, joyful, hopeful, and thought provoking…we are fortunate to have someone with his power of words.”
Headwaters Center of Lifelong Learning – Park Rapids, Minnesota

“Our people greatly enjoyed Dr. Nerburn’s presentation on the traditions and morals of the Native American people. Their spirituality is inspiring!”
Ami Voeltz – Executive Director – Do it Green! Minnesota

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