Thoughts on Children

In keeping with my decision to write about the goodness in the human heart during the holiday season, I offer you the following short passage excerpted and adapted from Calm Surrender, my book about forgiveness:

We are the creators; we are the healers. The lives of our children are shaped by our hands.

We do them no justice when we hide their eyes from the cruelty in the world, for they will find it soon enough, or it will find them. But neither do we do them justice when we fail to show them the beauty of a sunset, or to teach them of the healing miracle of love.

We must show them the cruelty, then teach them how to love. We must show them the injustice, then teach them how to serve.

We must open their eyes to the sunset and the murmuring tides.

We must teach them how to hallow life, to value kindness, to honor the strong who lift up the weak.

And then we must take their hands and lead them to a high place where they can look our over the vast richness of life and recognize that it is good.

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