Snakes and Bears and the language of the Clintons.

Just a quick thought on some election language.

We all know the obscenity of this incendiary “terrorist, Muslim” talk from McCain and Palin — mostly Palin, product of one of the strangest political gambits in modern history.

But I would ask you to keep an eye to something else.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are, ostensibly, supporting and working for Obama. But if you’re like me, you have sensed something tepid and almost subversive about that support. At first I thought it was just the cool, analytical nature of each of their demeanors when they spoke of Obama’s campaign. But a closer look reveals something that is more objectifiable and easily monitored: watch how frequently each of them uses the pronoun, “he” rather than “we” when speaking of the Obama campaign.

It is a simple equation: “We” equals support; “he” equals analytical distance. It is exactly this sort of political cunning that has been the Achilles heel of the Clintons since they burst on the national scene, because, in its own way, it is more enraging than the tub-thumping racism and fear mongering of people like Palin.

As an Indian friend of mine once put it, “Be more afraid of the snakes than the bears, because you can see the bears coming.”

For my money, the Clintons are acting like snakes.

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