Small Graces CD update

I found a place that will print new copies of the CD, so all of you who have sent checks will eventually get your copy.  It could take a week or so for the CD’s to be printed, so be patient.

Anyone else wishing one will have to pay $30 to cover the cost of the new pressing.

Thanks for your interest.  I also learned something from the CD people — the reason the downloadable version sounds so different (and, inferior, to my mind) is that apparently some kind of audio compression takes place in the translation of technologies (don’t ask me), so the richness of the CD is lost.

Like I said, you CD folks will be hearing it the way I meant it to be heard.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed rediscovering it myself.

2 thoughts on “Small Graces CD update”

  1. Hello Kent, first of all I would like to say thank you for the enjoyment I found whilst reading Road Angels, I am new to your work and I found it has helped me find some answers to things. I live on the south coast here in England and enjoy a good life after a life of searching for inner peace, I am not there yet, but your writing has pointed me in a good direction, in these globally troubled times. I was given by my father the books by John Steinbeck and as I was born in Dorset the works of Thomas Hardy, and I found I experienced the same feelings in your work I am 67yrs of age so it has been a gift for me to discover your thoughts, so once again thank you , Nigel Brickell ,

  2. My husband and I have been reading your books lately and have enjoyed them very much. They are both humble and profound. We started with the “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” trilogy and have branched into the meditative story writings. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on August 14th this year. Last winter we had turned down offers from our children for a party. We decided we wanted to have a lobster bake on the beach for our immediate family that we insisted we pay for, much to our families dismay. A week before the gathering, Mike and I were reading “Voices in the Stones” and came across the chapter “Donna’s Gift” which spoke perfectly to our feelings about our gathering. We wove your story into our thank you words to our guests and purchased 15 copies of your books as favors for our guests. Thought you might enjoy hearing this story!

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