Robert Plant’s Foreword to the Canongate edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog


The Voice of the Native Heart

A Foreword by Robert Plant


It’s a dirty familiar history

A story of broken treaties, giddy expansion, collision and relocation

Of abuse, denial and unfair advantage

As far from the Lone Ranger as one can imagine


For almost fifty years on journeys through the extremes of the New World

I have wrestled with the questions

And carried the weight of empire


For many years Kent Nerburn, too,

Has been immersed

In the inflamed frontier that

Separates and divides


Neither Wolf nor Dog takes us on a real life journey

Playing out the exhausted residue

The push and pull between our cultures

Bringing into sharp focus the fallout from the European slog

The consuming lurch and stampede for “more”


Here is revealed, with beauty and sensitivity,

A world of miracles and connections we can only marvel at

A world that reaches out

Staggering, but still alive,

Despite the havoc of the “covered wagon” and cultural abuse


His characters twist and turn the imagination

As they reveal, slowly,

The wonders of the natural world and our relationships within it


Kent’s work has been my companion and will always remain so,

Otherworldly and evermore valuable to us

in the confusion of these modern times

This voicing of the remarkable spirit of an amazing people


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