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Something a little self-serving tonight. I’d like to ask your help. The other day I had to meet with a woman who was interested in enlisting me for a writing project. She mentioned that she had gone to Amazon.com and read the readers’ reviews of my books. I check those out periodically, and assume that potential readers do, too. But I had never drawn the very obvious conclusion that publishers and others who might have interest in my work also read those comments. So, I’d like to ask those of you who feel strongly about one of my books to go to the page for that book on Amazon.com and follow the instructions for writing a reader’s review. It will help me, it will help potential readers, and it will enlarge the discourse on the individual books. I’d be most appreciative.

I also must make a short observation on the strength of the responses that I’m getting to my comments about Leonard Peltier. There obviously is a great deal of hurt and frustration among very many good people about Mr. Peltier’s plight. I don’t know quite what to do with that yet, or how I can carry that forward. But I just want you all to know that it’s on my mind.

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  1. Hi Kent,
    Accidentally I go to your weblog. You are a writer. I saw your bookstore, interesting, will find your books then. Currently looking for interesting books to read. I just finish Genome and Nature vs Nuture from Matt Ridley. You are invited to my blog. I am currently staying at Singapore but Indonesian citizenship.

  2. Reviewed a book already that you wrote the foreward to: Letters to a Young Poet/The Possibility of Being by Rainer Maria Rilke.

    I have been teaching from this book and I have told my students that Rilke is writing to them as much as he is writing to Franz.

    I believe he really was: stretching across consciousness just like you wrote of Rodin living inside his art and bringing incredible sculptures which speak to us today.

    Ironically I wrote a poem called “The Music of Traffic” about standing in the entry garden to the Los Angeles Museum of Art where one of Rodin’s bronzes stands like a sentry.

    Thank you for your contribution to the planet.

    Now that I found your site, I will have to a book or two so I can read more of your words beyond this foreward!

    With Passionate Gratitude,

    Julie Jordan Scott

  3. Debbie & Steve Anderson

    I was pleased to do as you asked and wrote a review of “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” on the Amazon.com site. My husband and I found the rest of your comments about your weblog viewer’s comments very interesting. I have been doing a lot of emailing and hunting for ways and places to possibly join in and help the, very dear to my heart, causes of our Native Brothers and Sisters.
    I emailed the editor of Lakotajournal.com and was quite surprised at the response I received and information about Peltier’s case. I’m really at a loss now as what to think since there are supposedly very two reliable sources that say Peltier shot those two FBI agents while they begged for their lives. I’m in shock and am feeling a little “woozie” on who to believe. I do feel, however, that there was still a great deal of injustice and cover-up on the government’s part. I’ll have to go away and “lick my wounds” and mull over in my heart this latest bit of “info”. But fighting for the Natives will always be a worthy endeavor and one that will take many souls that are on fire to concentrate their joined efforts towards peaceful and legal but powerful means of getting back as much as possible of what was stolen.

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