Out with the Old, in with the New. “Dancing with the Gods” becomes “The Artist’s Journey”

Thank you all who responded to my note about the closing out of our supply of Dancing with the Gods, the British hardcover of my newest book about the inner life of the artist.  Sadly, they have all been purchased.  But the exact same book, given the less metaphoric and more descriptive title of The Artist’s Journey,(click this hyperlink to learn more) will soon be available.  This is my guidebook to the artistic journey for anyone who practices an art form and knows the joys and challenges that such a practice entails.

I am incredibly proud of this book and would love to see it get in the hands of every art student and every art practitioner who feels the pull of the creative life.  My goal is to get it into high school and college classrooms where art forms of any sort are practiced.  I’ll be working on this as the year progresses.

I will write more about this book and publish passages from it in the next few weeks and months.  For now, you can preorder a signed copy from wolfnordog.com or keep your eye out for it when it is released at your local bookstore and on Amazon in November.  It is a good and valuable book, and an essential book for the right people.

Posted on: August 31, 2020knerburn

10 thoughts on “Out with the Old, in with the New. “Dancing with the Gods” becomes “The Artist’s Journey”

  1. I really look forward to reading this — very slowly, savoring every phrase. Kent Nerburn is definitely one of my favorite writers of all time. My favorite book of his at present is “The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo” — if you haven’t read it, you’re in for an incredibly wonderful story.

  2. I admit Kent, I never wanted the journey of Dan too end…. Voices of your own are needed now more than ever…

    Thank you!

  3. I read it a few months ago and found it contained compelling spiritual truths that I hadn’t been able to articulate myself. A few years ago a friend told me that there are four stages in an artist’s or craftsperson’s journey: apprentice, journeyman, master and storyteller. I’ve been a studio furniture maker since 1975 so your book makes total sense. It is the perfect guide for anyone on this journey at whatever stage they may be at. I hope many people read it – it will reassure travellers that they are not alone!
    PS Two artist friends have bought and read a copy following my recommendation.

  4. I’m throwing literary caution to the wind, and I am just going to emote on this incredible book, Dancing with the Gods. I have loved your work ever since I first read Neither Wolf Nor Dog, but this is truly a crowning achievement for those of us who aspire to write (or create any form of art), and have all those nagging self doubts. I feel like I am in conversation with you, and it seems like I can sit here and think about something that is bothering me, and I open your book to the exact page that I need to read. It has been magical, even mystical. Your gems that highlight human behavior are truly amazing as well. Thank you for writing this incredible book. It is the masterpiece of my library.

  5. You made my day, Katy. You are exactly the kind of person I wrote this book for. Would you be willing to post this on Amazon and/or Goodreads? Between a faulty hand off from the British publisher to the American distributor, and the lock-down reality of the pandemic, almost no one knows about it. It needs to reach more people like you. Your words are far more important than mine in helping to make this happen. Thanks again for putting smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.

  6. Kent, I have had difficulty posting on Amazon but I will try because I think that your work is so important. I would be proud to post on Goodreads. Your words of wisdom are truly profound.

  7. Kent it’s taken me a full two years after reading Neither Wolf Nor Dog to write you a note of thanks. You have a magnificent ability to cast words to the page to impart your unfolding story. And the voice I heard in my head and the one I heard when I listened to you narrate online was the same.
    I heard you before I heard you!! Although I have read other books you have written, Neither Wolf Nor Dog will always be my favorite. I have given copies of the book to friends and shared the story of your journey with Dan and Fatback with my bookclubs. Many, many thanks for your ability to convey the sobering truth intentionally overlooked and buried far too long. Your chronicle is indeed heroic!

  8. Dear Kent,

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