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This image has haunted me ever since I discovered it. My friend, Dean Leh, from Albuquerque managed to pull it off Google Earth and send it to me so I can share it with all of you. This is a close up of satellite photo of the ghostly images of the graves in the middle of the golf course in Canton, South Dakota, which was the site of the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians that figures so prominently in The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo.

David Crumm is one of the most insightful followers of my work. Here is an interview he did for his “Read the Spirit” website and newsletter. I hope you like his way of exploring issues as much as I do.

Catherine Reid Day and I had an interesting conversation for St. Paul Community Television. I’m happy to share it with you, (and I promise you, Mom, wherever you are up there, that I’ll comb my hair better for the next one).

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