Native Echoes now available on Kindle

Native Echoes, my quiet, most poetic work, is now available on Kindle through Amazon.  I’m sure it will be up on other ereaders soon, but all of that is far beyond both my understanding and control.  For now, those of you who have asked can buy it on Amazon, or, of course, you can buy the physical book from, Amazon, or your local independent bookstore. 

3 thoughts on “Native Echoes now available on Kindle”

  1. The story of the pussy willow tree reminded me of my older brother. The lot next door was being logged off. With the crashing of the firs, my sister, then three, found my seven-year-old brother in his room, crying under a blanket. When she asked him why he was crying, he said he couldn’t stand to hear the screaming of the trees as they fell.

    One of the parts of Native Echoes that I find alluring is that there is silence created, whether within a story, at the end, or simply bordering the outside edges. Part of that may simply be the reflection of the reader in contemplation.

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