I’ve Sold Out –(that’s the CD, not me the writer).

If everyone who has indicated interest comes through, the CD’s of Small Graces are gone.  So if you haven’t already contacted me expressing interest and saying you were sending a check, you’d best hold off.   You’re welcome to send me an email or a note indicating your interest if any of the prospective buyers fall by the wayside, but no checks until we see the shape of things.  If you’ve already indicated a desire to buy one there is one set aside for you.  I’ll wait until next Thursday to receive checks, then open up the remainder for sale.

Thanks for all your responses.  I’m amazed and gratified by the interest.  I guess I’ll have to get out of my conestoga wagon and figure out how to set up an online store that takes paypal and venmo and whatever other strange money transfer systems exist.  I was more equipped for a world where people bartered a dozen eggs and a pig for a bolt of muslin.  But it appears that the world has passed me by.

I believe that my 10 year old granddaughter even has a site where she sells “merch”, whereas I grew up believing that one should create anonymously and offer up your creations to the glory of God.  More 14th than 21st century, I’m afraid.  But the old dog is trying to learn a new trick, and, thus far, it is not a pretty sight.


8 thoughts on “I’ve Sold Out –(that’s the CD, not me the writer).”

  1. Leanne M Jaskowiak

    I sent a note on my phone but could not tell if it actually went through to you, so I am going to send again via computer and hope for the best. I am not sure if I am in the group that can get a CD, or if I sent a note too late. I posted that I would mail a check on Monday. Please let me know if that’s ok.

  2. I was the first one to send a message about the CD but it was never put on the website. Sent my check 2 days ago. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Kent.

    You should get my check as indicated.

    But have you saved a cd for yourself?

    If not, you can have mine and keep the check.

    But please create more audios of your books when possible.

    Mailing checks is fine, same as in the old, Conestoga Days.

    If you can burn extra cd’s, please include warning about copyrights.

    I’ve donated extra copies of your books with Denver Indian Center et al.

    Audios would be even better. Many of us are more responsive to the spoken word.

    Something from our childhood that stays with us. A human voice resonates with our heart.

    I used to meet with Arapaho, Cheyenne et al, who came to pow wow before the pandemic and just resumed.


    I like having something to give. Your books are more real and go to the heart of the matter, unlike pseudo authors.

    Your books are a lifeline and way for many of us to connect in this stolen land, especially those isolated on reservations.

    Here in Colorado you know, the Sand Creek Massacre is wound that can never be healed, only cared for. Your books bind those wounds.

    Finally, Mt. Evans will be changed to Mt. Blue Sky. It really should be changed to Mt. Black Kettle, who led the peace chiefs. All were massacred.


    If one can’t see the hand of God or Great Spirit at work thru you, they’re someplace else, far from the heart we all share.

    Your books are stepping stones to our hearts and the greater glory of God where we might know God. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

  4. I do love that it wasn’t the first people to venmo or paypal you that got a chance, but those who wrote a check (or I guess emailed you!) You can see how far behind I am on checking my email… a letter in the mail would have been read much more quickly! And I am a millennial.. though not a ‘normal’ one, clearly.

  5. I had the CD redone with exactly the same fidelity and sound quality. So they are available again. All you have to do is click on the “shop” on the website. Or you can still send me a check. I’m open. Check, cash, credit card, or paypal. I’m not quite into the 21st century, but I’ve made it into the 20th. Good sounds await you.

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