I’ve Sold Out –(that’s the CD, not me the writer).

If everyone who has indicated interest comes through, the CD’s of Small Graces are gone.  So if you haven’t already contacted me expressing interest and saying you were sending a check, you’d best hold off.   You’re welcome to send me an email or a note indicating your interest if any of the prospective buyers fall by the wayside, but no checks until we see the shape of things.  If you’ve already indicated a desire to buy one there is one set aside for you.  I’ll wait until next Thursday to receive checks, then open up the remainder for sale.

Thanks for all your responses.  I’m amazed and gratified by the interest.  I guess I’ll have to get out of my conestoga wagon and figure out how to set up an online store that takes paypal and venmo and whatever other strange money transfer systems exist.  I was more equipped for a world where people bartered a dozen eggs and a pig for a bolt of muslin.  But it appears that the world has passed me by.

I believe that my 10 year old granddaughter even has a site where she sells “merch”, whereas I grew up believing that one should create anonymously and offer up your creations to the glory of God.  More 14th than 21st century, I’m afraid.  But the old dog is trying to learn a new trick, and, thus far, it is not a pretty sight.


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