I wanted to stay out of political discourse, but these are dangerous times…


I’ve been traveling a bit lately, and I see how defeated everyone is by Trump’s endless and egregious immorality. The second he comes up — and he comes up often — folks say, “I can’t even talk about him any more. It makes me sick to my stomach.” And his echo chamber of loud bullies parrots the inflammatory lies of Fox News and struts across the stage thumping their chests while buying into false equivalencies and flat out fabrications.

We are reaching the point where it is impossible to have reasoned discussion because of the binary nature of contemporary thinking where everything in life is put up to a vote. There are only winners and losers; people only want to argue particular points of view. Few people even know how to, much less want to, step back and consider preconceptions and underlying principles that have lead us to this point. It’s battle lines time, and you have to choose sides.

The plain fact is that, distasteful though it may be, there are grounds for political discussion within Trump’s horrible reign. But there should be no grounds for moral discussion. When you have a monster leading your country who imprisons children and with whom you would not leave your 16 year old daughter alone, you do not have a political problem, you have a morality problem.

We have now truly reached the point where this is a battle for the soul of the country. I would rather counsel peace, reason, and consideration of multiple perspectives. But, sadly, this is not that time. We are at war and we each have to do what we can.

Oh, for the days of Gore VIdal and WIlliam F. Buckley contesting conflicting but intelligent views of what it means to be an American, or Everett Dirksen and Daniel Patrick Moynihan contending about viable policies for the American people. But most people don’t even know who they are. Instead, discourse has devolved to a referendum on Trump’s blaring and non-stop lying and the growing infection of the American psyche with the moral sickness that he has unleashed.

It is time to stop him and his unless the considered among his followers can separate his immorality from legitimate conservative principles and disavow this man and his policies that fly in the face of everything good and honorable in the human character.

Where are the good Republicans, the humane Republicans? Why do they line up behind him when they know he represents a sickness, not a solution? Have they no courage?

Sadly, we cannot know what is wrong with them nor can we change them. They have to come to this conclusion themselves, and if they don’t, we must each do what we can to throw them out so that reason and humanity can reassert themselves as baselines in our character and political discourse.

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