History Channel snafu

I believe it was one of Richard Nixon’s press secretaries who made the legendary comment, “Previous truths are now inoperative.”

Well, previous truths about my History Channel appearance are now inoperative. Apparently the scheduling was changed — such things happen on interview shows.

I will try to let you know when the show will air. If you are so inclined, you can go to historychannel.com and navigate your way through their schedule to see what they list for History Center on a given Sunday.

I know they do not show my segment as part of next week’s show. My guess is that the show, since it is about things Indian, will probably air near Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the mixup. I know my brother-in-law rousted my 88 year old mother in order to have her ready to watch, while I, with full knowledge that the segment was not being aired, was comfortably asleep under a pile of warm covers. So those of you who got up to watch and felt a small burr of irritability at my bad information are assuredly not alone.

I’ll do better next time. You will be duly informed when future truths become operative.

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