Help Needed from Small Graces fans

Well, ever so slowly, the whirlwind of this amazing summer is settling down, and life is beginning to return to normal. To have gone from walking the hill towns of Tuscany to walking the hills of Idaho is quite a stretch. The mind and imagination reel from the sights seen and sensations experienced.

But now I have a very real issue that, once again, requires your help. (Well, not all of you, but those of you who are devotees of the book Small Graces, The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life.)

I need to find out what, exactly, appealed to people about that book. And I’m not talking about specifics of content, I’m talking about the character of the book as a whole. What set it apart from other “inspirational” books in your mind and what touches you about it? Especially those of you who purchase it as gifts or recommend it to others now that you’ve read it: what is it about that book that makes you think it is worthy of sharing with other people?

I won’t give you any leading thoughts here. I have some ideas of my own, but they may be completely off base. This is where you as readers have the chance to complete the circle of understanding about that book. After I get some responses — and, please, give me some responses, as this is very important — we’ll engage in a little dialogue. The webmaster has indicated that he might even be able to put together a real-time discussion where we can spend a few hours together sharing and comparing our thoughts.

But, for now, please do me the favor of responding as fully and forthrightly as you can. Use the Contact form.

I really need you right now, readers. I hope a lot of you will take a little time to help me out on this.

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