From Ghost to Bad Cat

So, I raise my head once, get a boatload of wonderful responses, and immediately show up on your doorstep again.

I’m in need of some immediate help. I’d like to get to Sherman Alexie, Jim Harrison, and Leonard Peltier to see if any would give an endorsement for The Wolf at Twilight. The publisher has no real access, so I’m turning to my friends. Do any of you have current addresses or back door ways of getting to any of these people?

On another note, the response to my flare in the night has been most heartening. One reader suggested something that makes good sense despite the fact that it would cause me to eat a healthy portion of crow. She said I should start a Facebook page for The Wolf at Twilight. I like that idea very much because it would allow you to share thoughts and opinions with each other, which has been a big deficiency of my website the way it is configured. I probably won’t do it for awhile because the book doesn’t come out for awhile. But it seems to be a good way to get the word out, and that’s what I want to do. Any other ideas?

I have to say that the response to my note has been inspiring, heartwarming, and energizing. I didn’t really expect people to write back. My new goal is to turn this group of caring readers into some kind of a community, though I’m not sure how. As I said in my first blog back before the earth cooled, I consider my readers a special breed. I might as well quote myself, because what I said then is equally as true now:

I have come to realize that you, my readers, are a special group. You care deeply about the children of the world, you believe that there are voices in the land that we must learn to respect, you believe in helping the weak and in caring for the less fortunate, and, above all else, you believe that there is a power of spirit that inhabits every stone and star. You are a rare breed, gentler in heart than the world around us, and I am happy to provide a place where you can meet and share thoughts with each other.

This statement has proven true over and over again through the years. There are those of you who have gone to work in prisons, traveled to reservations to bring friendship, gifts, and, in one case, veterinary skills, and those of you who written books of your own. One of you has gone to Africa to live and offer his medical skills. Another has tried to bring a human touch to his emotionally difficult job of serving as a Chicago policeman. There are college teachers, elementary and high school teachers, and folks who work in nursing homes. The list goes on. And then there are those of you who simply offer the gifts you can in the course of your ordinary everyday lives. But the one characteristic that has always shone through, no matter who you are or what you do, is a singular lack of a sense of self-importance. You – we – are the servers; those who try to go to the end of the table rather than take a seat at its head. I think its time we do something with this, and I’ll be picking your brains as the weeks progress.

So – any thoughts on how to get to Sherman, Jim Harrison, or Leonard Peltier?

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8 thoughts on “From Ghost to Bad Cat”

    He has a place to contact him. I feel like he’s been associated with The Loft too.

  2. I know Jim Harrison. He helped endorse my film and did a reading of his essay on the Lakota. You can view some of it here. To see the whole thing you have to buy the dvd!! All profits go to the rez.

    I have his phone and an email that his assistant passes on to him, he does not ”do” email. write me and I can help you I cannot post his info online he would hunt me down!

  3. Kent, I’ve forwarded your request to those who I do know are much closer than I to the core activists in Leonard’s case. Hopefully it will help. As you probably know, he was attacked and beaten after his relocation to Canaan and he is once again back in Lewisburg. Here is his address, and they do allow paper back books…not sure about hard backs. Good luck my friend!

    Leonard Peltier #89637-132
    USP-Lewisburg – US Penitentiary – P.O. Box 1000
    Lewisburg, PA 17837-1000

  4. Hi Kent,
    There’s no harm in trying the front door, i.e., agents and publishers. Your book would feature their comments on the back cover, with promo for Alexie and Harrison. Plus you would offer to promote them through this site as well as Facebook. Set up the Facebook page now so the agents can go to it. Everybody needs publicity!
    By the way, my new gig is tutoring autistic children. And son Rob now has two beautiful and wild toddlers – Michael (almost 3) goes by the name “Rhino” and his sister Juniper (1 1/2) is a fearless explorer.

  5. Here is his attorney’s address:
    Private Attorney General
    PJ Stewart
    1119 S. Mission Road Box 178
    Fallbrook, CA. [92028]

    Here is his address:
    Leonard Peltier # 89637-132
    P.O. BOX 1000
    LEWISBURG, PA 17837

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