Early Alert: A showing of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog

We are still ironing out the details, but I have made arrangements with the South Dakota Festival of the Book to show the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog at the festival in Brookings, South Dakota, on Friday, September 23rd at 1 p.m.

This will be a low-key affair — a gathering of you who have cared about the book over the years and have wanted to see the film you have waited for so patiently.

Here is what the program will say:

Neither Wolf nor Dog: The Journey Continues

Kent Nerburn will host a showing of the film of his award winning book, Neither Wolf nor Dog. Director and film maker Steven Simpson will be in attendance and the two of them will discuss the film and do a Q and A after the showing.

As you can see, Steven Simpson, the director, will be present as well.

Ever since I began getting published, I have made it a practice to stay close to you, my readers.  I look upon us as a family.  We’ve been down some interesting roads together — some rough, some smooth.  Some of you I’ve met, others have communicated with me by email, and some of you have remained quietly in the background.  But you’ve been there for me and I’ve tried to be there for you.  Our mutual loyalty and personal relationship means the world to me.

This is a chance for us who have shared in the journey to get together around a very sweet film adaptation of the book so many of you have loved.  I will write more later, but I wanted to get this message out now that the event has been finalized.

Personally, I love the South Dakota Festival of the Book.  It, too, is a family event with good people, good books, and good conversation.  Much like the state itself, it is an undiscovered gem.

If you want to find out more or sign up to attend, here is the website:  http://sdhumanities.org/festival-of-books/.

Because this came together at the last minute, you may find no mention of the session in the website materials or catalogue.  But, rest assured, it is happening, and it will be a great time.


11 thoughts on “Early Alert: A showing of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog”

  1. I would love to attend. As I’m sure you’ll be playing to a sellout crowd, please let me know if and when advance tickets would be available for the showing. Thank you.

  2. It’s not a showing, per se. It’s just one session among many in the general book festival. Just come to the festival and show up at my session. instead of talking about the book or the film, I’ll just be showing the film and having a discussion afterward. Probably a pull-down screen in a multi-purpose room. Actual showings in formal settings are things Steven, the director, is arranging. This is just an informal showing for friends and interested folks. Come on by.

  3. Looking forward to its national release! Wish I could attend the festival. It’s a wonderful story that deserves to be an icon of film and literature. Best of luck with getting a distributor.

  4. Hello Kent, I want to attend and checked out the sdhumanities site, not finding where to sign up. Would enjoy meeting you and seeing such a great book brought to life on screen.

  5. So exciting. I don’t know that I will make it to SD although I would love to but I have waited for the film to be released. Such good news. I have loved this book for many years.

  6. aurelia phillips

    I would very much like to know when is is released nationally – I am Native American, in part, and it is that part of me that has soul. Thank you.

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