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Dancing with the Gods: The book I wrote for those of you who dream of a life in the arts

Do you wonder who you are as an artist? Do you wonder if you can make it? What is it like if you do make it? What are the hidden joys and unseen difficulties that you will face?

If this sounds like you, Dancing with the Gods is the book I wrote for you. It is me taking on my responsibility as an elder – a responsibility I learned from my Native American friends – and sharing what I think you need to know if you are dreaming of living a life in the arts.

The dilemma of money, the cut of criticism, the joy of losing yourself in the act of creation, the way it connects you with artists in other times and places, the strange way it shapes your sense of time. . . These are a few of the subjects I speak about, and I try to do so honestly and from the heart. It talk to you as if we were sitting across the table from each other.

I hope you will seek out and share it with brother and sister artists, or friends you know who are laboring in the difficult and joyful fields of the arts.

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Let me know what you think. I hope you will find our common journey meaningful.

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