CD of Small Graces coming soon

I have just finished the recording of the CD of Small Graces, and I am excited.

I had the wonderful good fortune to have a friend and colleague, Dr. Patrick Riley, compose and perform cello interludes between sections. Pat is a man Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Lifeof immense talent with a background that includes playing with the Baltimore Symphony. His quiet, thoughtful cello meditations add a reflective ambience to a book that already has a serene and thoughtful tone.

Actually, I was quite surprised and delighted during the recording session. It had been a long time since I spent serious time with Small Graces. I was surprised and moved by the poetic power and spiritual clarity it possesses. Perhaps I had underestimated this literary child. But, perhaps, the truth is that , like most of my works, really is meant to be heard, not thought. Though that hearing is often inside the reader’s head, it is hearing nonetheless. To actually give outward voice to the book proved to be a revelation to me. I hope it will be to you, too.

It will take a bit to get the CD’s pressed and ready for you to purchase. I am sure I can do so before the holiday and gift-giving season begins. It was a comment by one of you readers — that the book should be made available to those who no longer are able to read — that prompted my decision to record it in the first place. I thank you for the nudge in that direction. I think the outcome bears out the wisdom of your idea.

Stay tuned.

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