Speaking event in the beautiful Vail, Colorado area.

For any of you in the Denver or greater Colorado area, I’ll be speaking at the Books In Bloom festival in Avon, Colorado on the 29th of this month (April).  I’d love to see any of you there.  It’s always great to attach a face to names, and so many of your names are familiar to me after years of our cyber-relationships.  Come by if you can.  We’ll share a Rocky Mountain “Hi.”



Voting time again — author photo for cover of Lone Dog Road








I asked my son, Nik, to take a few photos of me to use as publicity shots for the cover of my upcoming novel, Lone Dog Road.

Because Nik knows me inside and out and has a wonderful eye, he was able to catch something about my character in each of the ten or so photos he took. From those ten I’ve chosen two as options.

There are others I would use if I were working on a more meditative, spiritual book. But Lone Dog Road is a road novel, a novel of different characters, Native, white, and Black, speaking in their own voices and sharing a common journey through a parched and difficult land. I need a photo that will draw in folks who might read a novel of that sort.

Sadly, photos matter. So, I’m down to these two. The differences are subtle, but real.  You may not even see them.  But if you do, do you have any preferences or thoughts?


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