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A Writing Seminar

As you know, I am not a promoter, and I don’t believe everything is for everyone, and I don’t even quite know what we’ve got here. But my old friend, author, and publisher of New World Library, Marc Allen, and I have decided to give a seminar on the art and craft of writing. What fascinates me here is that you would never have two such disparate eyes and voices looking at the writer’s craft. Because Marc and I go back almost to childhood, our divergent visions reflect an understanding and respect that is almost like that of brothers.

As an editor Marc has pulled wonderful works out of me – The “Dan” trilogy, Letters to My Son, Small Graces, Simple Truths, and almost all my significant works. He has a discerning eye and a gentle touch, and sees light and possibility where I see shadow and nuance. In this seminar you will see the writing life and the writer’s craft from two distinctly different points of view.

I have never done anything like this before, and am excited to see what comes from it.

If you are excited as well, consider signing up. I think you will have to go to the actual sign up page,  You will need to put your name on the waitlist to get the particulars, but it obligates you to nothing.  Give it a look.


The Fist in the Velvet Glove — my friend Larry Long shows us how to rage against the machine

One of the chapters in my most recent book, Dancing with the Gods, was called “The Fist in the Velvet Glove”.  It was about the power of art to create political and social change.  A perfect example is this new song by my friend, Larry Long — a man whose mentor was Pete Seeger and who walks the walk with more conviction than anyone else I know.  I hope you enjoy it.