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A Special Offer on a Special Book

I am offering signed copies of what will soon be a Collector’s Edition of a book I dearly love — Dancing with the Gods. There are only a few available and I want to get them in the hands of you, my readers.

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Here’s the story.  I wrote Dancing with the Gods as a guidebook for anyone — poet, painter, sculptor, dancer, writer, composer, actor, or anyone else — who knows the joys and challenges of working in the arts.  I wrote it because I know how difficult, exhilarating, and lonely such a life can be, and I wanted to share my insights about this journey.  I was inspired by the wonderful, seminal book that has influenced so many of us:  Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet.  (By the way, if you seek that book out, I recommend Stephen Mitchell’s interpretation/translation).

When Dancing with the Gods was published last year, the hand-off between the British publisher and the American distributor pretty much failed to happen.  So those of you on this side of the pond barely even heard of the book.

It is soon to be republished and made available here in America as The Artist’s Journey: On Making Art and Being an Artist. But this will be a paperback and will not have the look and feel of the beautiful British edition, Dancing with the Gods.

Here are some of the subjects I address:

Dreams and Fears: Choosing the Artist’s Life

The Peril of Easy Blessing: The need for long patience and the pitfalls of early success

Dark Nights and Waterless Places: When inspiration fails and doubt sets in

The Slamming Door: The pain and challenge of rejection

The Divine Thread: The psychic connection between artist and audience

The Architect and the Gardener: The magic of accident and faith in the unknown

I could go on, but you get the idea. I try to plumb everything from the challenge of making a living to the magic of inspiration and the necessity of craft. Much like my literary firstborn, Letters to My Son, this is a book where I try to give you the best of myself about a subject that is close to my heart – in this case, the magic of the creative life.

If you are a creator, you will recognize yourself in these pages. If you know a young person who dreams of a life in the arts, he or she will find inspiration and consolation in these words. I hope some of you will take the opportunity to get this beautiful signed edition before it is gone.








A special offer of signed copies of Voices in the Stones and Native Echoes

Many of you are familiar with my trilogy, Neither Wolf nor Dog, The Wolf at Twilight, and The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo. Fewer are familiar with Voices in the Stones: Life Lessons from the Native Way and Native Echoes: Listening to the Spirit of the Land.

Voices in the Stones is my attempt to offer you some of what I have learned in my 30 years of working with Native peoples. Native Echoes is my quietest, most poetic literary child. It is the echoes we don’t quite hear and the voices we can’t quite make out as we listen to this land we call America. It is story and metaphor, while Voices in the Stones is personal experiences and the lessons drawn from them. Each speaks, in its own way, of the blending of our western ways with the ways of those who occupied this land for centuries before the arrival of the European.

I am very proud of each and have arranged with to offer signed copies of them as a package.  In the next few weeks I will be blogging more about each.  They fit together in a very unique way.  I hope you will consider this package for any of your friends who care about my work, the Native American way of understanding life, or the power of the land to shape our hearts and spirits. 

Of course, you can order each separately, or any of my other titles, as well.