At long last, the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog

Not much to say here, except to reprint my facebook post:

The film of Neither Wolf nor Dog premiered to wonderful acclaim at the Edinburgh Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here is a reviewer’s response to the showing:

Enjoy.  I certainly am.  Maybe a distributor will pick up the film here in the States.  We shall see.

14 thoughts on “At long last, the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog”

  1. Kent that was a really GREAT review ! I’m just DYING to see it !! Keep us posted–it’s very exciting !!

  2. Wonderful. Just wonderful. It sounds like Steve did your story justice. So thankful that others may now give it the attention it deserves.

  3. Barbara Metzger

    Congratulations everyone! So happy this story is getting out there for more people to hear.

  4. are there more film fests in the future? anxious to see this project succeed, so hopefully there is a lot of word of mouth interest generated.

  5. Everything is in Steven’s hands. I’m just the messenger. Keep an eye on his facebook site, neither wolf nor dog movie. Better yet, sign up and ask to be a friend. Then you’ll know everything that happens in real time, or as close as we’re going to get.

  6. What great news!! This is such an important story. It needs to be seen by as many people as possible.
    Is there anything I can do to promote it?

  7. Congratulations Kent on the successful showing of your story. I know that your heart has been in this project for so many years. I am hopeful to its release to a much wider audience here at home in the days to come.

  8. Larry, it’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you lately. Now that I see your email I’ll write you a longer note one of these days.

  9. Nora Stewart [Shultz]

    I am currently re-reading Neither Wolf Nor Dog for my Minneapolis Washburn Library book club. It was my suggestion. Its even better the second time. I want the world to read it. Thrilled to read the review of the movie and can hardly wait to see it.

  10. Tatian Greenleaf

    Fantastic! Congratulations… well deserved.

    I do so hope to see the film in the U.S. soon. Meanwhile, I think I’ll start re-reading your novels. The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo was such a powerful, spiritual, immersive experience for me.

  11. Christa Stigter

    This is fantastic can’t wait to see it in The Netherlands soon. I will also start te reread this inspirational story.

    Thank you so much,

  12. Very well done, and a long time coming! I eagerly await seeing it myself. You, the actors, producer/director, crew et. al. should feel very proud of the effort and production. And now, finally, a premiere and a glowing review! May this smooth the way for needed compassion, understanding, dialog and catharsis (if possible). So glad Dave Bald Eagle was able to see it released!

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