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As you can see, I have almost completely given up blogging. The reason is simple: I loved blogging so much that I almost stopped working on my books, because books require long patience, private discipline, and a willingness to operate in great imaginative spaces. Blogging, on the other hand, is immediate, addictive, and intoxicating. It’s a contact sport. The way I practiced it was almost more essay and commentary than traditional blogging, and I think I was very good at it.
I have put the old archives up because they show my thinking at its most unmediated. They also show me responding to events in the world and my life – Katrina, the political events of the last decade, the untimely death of a dog, my writing, and a host of lesser and greater issues. They are a documenting of the times.

Read a few. See how they strike you. Perhaps you will find yourself among those readers who wish I would give up writing books and go back to blogging. Perhaps you will be among those who are relieved that I don’t.

Either way, thanks for engaging in this bit of literary spelunking.

We need to move forward. Here are my first thoughts.
Listen to me. This is important. Trump won. We don’t know how; we don’t know why. Somewhere inside we thought
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Why your responses sometimes are not getting through
You would not believe the garbage that gets dumped into the “comments” section of a blog. There are messages in
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Would you support a kickstarter to republish A Haunting Reverence?
I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter to republish one of my favorite books, A Haunting Reverence.  It would be retitled
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Two upcoming events: September 23rd and October 1st.
I am usually pretty derelict about posting my public appearances.  So here is some advance notice of two events. PDF.
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Thoughts on the pipeline after Obama’s injunction
Regarding the injunction against the pipeline, I don’t wish to throw cold water on what is obviously a great (though
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The Pipeline protests
I have been watching the pipeline protests with dismay.  Can there be a more stark example of the conflict between
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Thoughts worth pondering
Someone recently sent me this blog entry I had written about 1o years ago.  I had forgotten it completely.  But
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Some personal thoughts on the passing of Dave Bald Eagle
There are people you meet in life — and they are not many — who have an air of true
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Audio of Letters to My Son — a wonderful moment
Now here’s one of the true joys of the writing life, and one of my proudest quiet moments. The audio
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Another review of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog. . .
I just received this in my in-box. Being compared to Easy Rider is no small compliment. I think this little
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Early Alert: A showing of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog
We are still ironing out the details, but I have made arrangements with the South Dakota Festival of the Book
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At long last, the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog
Not much to say here, except to reprint my facebook post: The film of Neither Wolf nor Dog premiered to
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“Echoes of Forgotten Voices” or “Whispers of Forgotten Voices” — the contest
The polls close at midnight on the voting between “Echoes of Forgotten Voices” and “Whispers of Forgotten Voices” as the
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A little help needed. . .
Over the years many of you have asked, “What ever happened to A Haunting Reverence?  It was my favorite book
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The editorial no newspaper would publish
As the Washington Post puts out its utterly bizarre, incomprehensible, and shamelessly self serving poll saying that 9 out of
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Long Overdue posting of Inmate responses to my letter to them
Back in February I posted a letter I wrote to the inmates of a South Dakota women’s prison who were
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An important but hidden story that needs to be heard
Amid all the political news filling the airwaves and print pages, a tragic and little known story has been unfolding
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An Event Well Worth Attending
Larry Long and I will be doing a unique concert/reading at the Carondelet Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Friday,
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An interesting series of responses, well worth your time.
I recently posted a letter I wrote to the inmates in a woman’s prison in South Dakota in response to
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Letter to inmates at a South Dakota women’s prison.
I recently received an email from a woman who runs a book club at a South Dakota women’s prison.  She
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  1. I think I’m going to watch NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG yet again, today. I haven’t seen it in a while. Just like an old fine wine, your books and movie is always worth spending more time with. I like to think of your books as ‘comfort books’…. they always bring me comfort.

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