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As you can see, I have almost completely given up blogging. The reason is simple: I loved blogging so much that I almost stopped working on my books, because books require long patience, private discipline, and a willingness to operate in great imaginative spaces. Blogging, on the other hand, is immediate, addictive, and intoxicating. It’s a contact sport. The way I practiced it was almost more essay and commentary than traditional blogging, and I think I was very good at it.
I have put the old archives up because they show my thinking at its most unmediated. They also show me responding to events in the world and my life – Katrina, the political events of the last decade, the untimely death of a dog, my writing, and a host of lesser and greater issues. They are a documenting of the times.

Read a few. See how they strike you. Perhaps you will find yourself among those readers who wish I would give up writing books and go back to blogging. Perhaps you will be among those who are relieved that I don’t.

Either way, thanks for engaging in this bit of literary spelunking.

I have just seen a miracle. Our friend — the woman I wrote of in an earlier entry, who was
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A fascinating exchange regarding Neither Wolf nor Dog
I thought you all might like to see an exchange I just had with a reader regarding Neither Wolf nor
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America’s fault line
Two stories from the blackout: A store owner in Detroit set up barbecue grills and spent the day grilling all
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God’s surprises
No anecdotes or homilies tonight. Just some random thoughts. If there is a challenge before us during these times, it
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A small gesture
I’m in one of those delightful and all-too-infrequent author moments when I’m inside the work and being carried along by
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Last evening we had some friends over — a couple who teach history at the local university, and a man
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“Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”
I just returned from the local clinic — some routine bloodwork. As I drove in our driveway I saw my
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Two touches
The other day I received two very different notes from readers. One, a kind and thoughtful touch from a man
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A sobering reminder
I spent Saturday and part of Sunday on a vigil at the bedside of a friend who was severely injured
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Joseph project
In the strange, fleeting way that is northern Minnesota, the first hints of fall are already in the air. This
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  1. I think I’m going to watch NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG yet again, today. I haven’t seen it in a while. Just like an old fine wine, your books and movie is always worth spending more time with. I like to think of your books as ‘comfort books’…. they always bring me comfort.

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