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As you can see, I have almost completely given up blogging. The reason is simple: I loved blogging so much that I almost stopped working on my books, because books require long patience, private discipline, and a willingness to operate in great imaginative spaces. Blogging, on the other hand, is immediate, addictive, and intoxicating. It’s a contact sport. The way I practiced it was almost more essay and commentary than traditional blogging, and I think I was very good at it.
I have put the old archives up because they show my thinking at its most unmediated. They also show me responding to events in the world and my life – Katrina, the political events of the last decade, the untimely death of a dog, my writing, and a host of lesser and greater issues. They are a documenting of the times.

Read a few. See how they strike you. Perhaps you will find yourself among those readers who wish I would give up writing books and go back to blogging. Perhaps you will be among those who are relieved that I don’t.

Either way, thanks for engaging in this bit of literary spelunking.

Thoughts on the responses to my facebook question about what belief you won’t give up in these politically fraught times
Several weeks ago I asked my several thousand Facebook followers — most of whom are on the left, some of
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Christmas has become the most difficult holiday.  Like most of our holidays in post-Christian America, it has become detached from
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Native Echoes — Reflections, Meditations, and Stories about the time of year we are about to enter.
Sometimes you publish a book because you love its heart, not because of its public face.  Native Echoes has always
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Some thoughts on immigration, differences, and the Jaipur Literary Festival
I am sitting at the Jaipur literary festival here in Boulder, Colorado, watching the fascinating parade of humanity pass by. 
Read more.
The Light and Air of the Rockies
I woke up this morning to the bracing air and clear-edged light of the Rockies. Ever since I was a
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Come on by if you are in the Denver/Boulder area– 21 September, 12:45, Boulder Public Library
Kent Nerburn Kent Nerburn is an American author widely known for his insights into Native American culture.  His trilogy Neither
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The Fall speaking begins, a kernel of an idea, and a shout out to the look of the new edition
I have a few speaking engagements coming up in the fall.  They can be found in the “upcoming events” section
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Here’s the South Dakota tour Schedule
This is my schedule for the South Dakota tour.  I will also be on Minneapolis’ wonderful independent radio station, KFAI,
Read more.
The Traveling and speaking begins. Come one, come all
I have a spate of speaking engagements coming up this summer and fall.  Here is a starter list.  I’d love
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A favorite interview and an inspirational encounter
Earlier this year, on the cusp between winter and spring, I found myself in my old home stomping grounds of
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Responses to the Notre Dame fire
Immediately after the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame I asked folks on Facebook to tell how it
Read more.
25th Anniversary edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog
I’m pleased to announce that a 25th Anniversary Edition of Neither Wolf nor Dog, with a new foreword by my
Read more.
A reader’s thoughts on Dancing with the Gods
Yesterday I received a note from a woman who had just read Dancing with the Gods.  Not only did she
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An opportunity you might want to consider — a writing seminar with my New World Library publisher and me
  FROM MARC ALLEN, Publisher of New World Library:  I’m really looking forward to our teleseminar that begins February 28 on
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The continuing journey of Neither Wolf nor Dog as the One Book South Dakota selection for 2019
  Here is the latest update from the South Dakota Humanities Commission.  I’ll be criss-crossing that wonderful state during the
Read more.
Author’s edition of Native Echoes, my book with the Winter Heart
Now, in these frozen times, is when my quietest book speaks. Native Echoes is little known but well-loved by those
Read more.
Homage to the “Polar Vortex”, or as we used to call it, “The Death Spike.”
Those of you who have never experienced it have no idea.  It used come to our northern Minnesota home once
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A Writing Seminar
As you know, I am not a promoter, and I don’t believe everything is for everyone, and I don’t even
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The Fist in the Velvet Glove — my friend Larry Long shows us how to rage against the machine
One of the chapters in my most recent book, Dancing with the Gods, was called “The Fist in the Velvet
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A conversation about my book, Dancing with the Gods: Reflections on Life and Art
Books come into the world in different ways. Some come in announcing themselves and beating a drum, others enter the
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7 thoughts on “Posts | Archives

  1. I think I’m going to watch NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG yet again, today. I haven’t seen it in a while. Just like an old fine wine, your books and movie is always worth spending more time with. I like to think of your books as ‘comfort books’…. they always bring me comfort.

  2. Your books bring connection to things too often forgotten, things from my past lives, things from memories that had been living in my subconscious for too long. Not necessarily easy, but essential. They explain my reaction to current events, strong reactions to horrible things too often done in the name of organized religion, all necessary to recall. You have a marvelous way of introducing or reintroducing us to things which should not be forgotten in the world we live in today. A word in which the dominate culture would eliminate the history of how it got where it is today, and the horrible cost to cultures which lived with, as part of, the rest of life. Not perfect, but in my opinion, far closer than what we live in today. Your writings give great hope that we may yet return to our place as part of, not destroying. Bless you for all of that!

  3. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate the kind words. Most people I know just try to be kind and helpful by such lights as they possess. I just happen to have a larger platform from which to speak, and I try to use it to speak from my best self. Enjoy your day.

  4. I just wish to thank you for being so kind to the elderly lady when driving for a Taxi Company in New York! She was on her way to a hospice however, you had no idea! You had patience and never charged her a fare! I know you must recall and each time it comes up in my memories I share it again with folks on Facebook! I was just going through the comments and clicked on one with an address to reach your blog! I hope this finds it way to you! I am glad to hear it is a true story and thank you for your kindness in such a time when so much evil is happening it’s so beautiful to read their are still good people out there like you! God bless ANNIE Gagnon

  5. Thank you for the kind note. You must have read a pirated version, as the actual event took place in Minneapolis. The story is recounted in full in my book, Make Me an Instrument of your Peace: Living in the spirit of the Prayer of St. Francis. If you are interested, you can order a signed copy from I think you might enjoy some of the other stories in there, as well.

  6. I just finished Neither Wolf Nor Dog again, and will reread the others next. I have read many good, even excellent books in my life, with First People related in the majority, and these three magnificent books are the best without a doubt. They speak to my soul, and emotions go from joy, sadness, despair, and deepest shame for what we have done. I doubt any other humans would or could have survived us. Thank you for being you!!

  7. We as a nation need to acknowledge what we have done and to learn from both our mistakes and the insights of those whose lives we devastated in our march across the continent. It is late, but not too late. We all need to do our part in whatever way we can.

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