Audio book decision; feedback needed

Hello, everyone. The summer hiatus has been both deeper and more extensive than I had expected. From a sweat lodge on the Pine Ridge reservation to the streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris, this has been a season to remember. I feel more than fortunate — I feel blessed. Perhaps the greatest joy was traveling through South Dakota with my son, Nik. The decision I made when he was a toddler to take a trip alone with him every year is bearing fruit: we travel well together and enjoy each other’s company. It is a pleasure for me to see the world through the eyes of a young man I love and cherish, while knowing at the same time that the two of us are creating memories that will stay with us forever.

I am hoping to actually get my blogging back up to speed soon. But before I do, I need some assistance from you. I have decided to have audio books (CDs, cassette tapes, MP3s, etc) of some of my works published, and I have two options from which to choose.

Either I can record Small Graces in its book form, or I can compile a selection of what have proven to be people’s favorite pieces from all my homiletic books. I’ll make my decision based on what I hear back from you folks.

Anyone have an opinion? Attach a comment here or use my Contact Me form.

11 thoughts on “Audio book decision; feedback needed”

  1. Kent,

    Let me be the first to suggest Small Graces. Twould be great to have that on my iPod and be able to catch a chapter of my choice no matter where I am.

  2. Kent,
    I’m having a difficult time trying to recommend one approach over another; I can only imagine how tough this must be for you. I do, however, lean towards the “best of” approach (of your homiletic works).

    Jeff R.

  3. Kent,
    hmmmm…tough decision, but I feel the “best of ” would be the way to go…love the idea of listening on the ipod, i already have your reading of “wisdom of the NA’s” in my “spoken word” genre on my ipod.

    you can always do the “best of” part one, then part two…and so on.

    love the new look site. where did you sweat on the rez? i’m going out in two weeks to sweat up in Porcupine and hang with the culture. Can’t wait.


  4. I would suggest the “best of” to start off with. I would love to hear a story from “Make me an Instrument. .”, which, I think, is my favorite of your books – although “Calm Surrender” is right up there, too. Probably because I love the prayer itself so much and you made it come more to life.

  5. Not an easy choice.

    In music I would like to listen to the entire piece rather than the highlights. However, when I am in the company of others, highlights are more pleasing to most, at least in music.

    Homiletic highlights (or poems for that matter) need to be reflected upon for better appreciation. I can only take them in small doses slowly and with repetitions. In this way a recorded reading of them is different from recorded story or music. I personally rather read your homiletic highlights than listen to them.

    For the above reasons, the recording of Small Graces may be the preferred first project.

    I think the recorded books are most useful to people who cannot read because of failing eyesight. For them, I hope you will be expanding your horizon.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Debrah Carlson

    YIPPEE!!!!! I am an avid audio book listener. I have read all of your books but Road Angels and 2/3 of Chief Joseph (waiting for winter to finish it). I have started Road Angels as well.

    Small Graces is what got me started and it is a treasure.
    I have to say that a compilation of parts of all of your books would be fantastic.

    I enjoyed listening to your voice on Native American Wisdom and am wondering if you will be the reader.

    thank you for sharing so many of your gifts, Deb

  7. I’ve always thought that the complete work is the way to go with any recorded book. I won’t even start listening to one that’s abridged. My rationale is that if the author thought it was important enough to be in the book, thought important enough to the continuity of his or her creation, then it deserves to be there.

    One never knows what part of a work will resonate with the ‘reader’.

  8. By the way, the new web look is great.

    A couple of additional thoughts…NWND would be a super recording. I’ve read the book twice and would buy the recorded version if it were available. Also all due respect to Kim, I admire her patience. I never could have put off finishing Chief Joseph for months.

  9. Sir,
    I feel that the whole piece of work should be done. The smallest nuance of some “ambigous” phrase may be the one thing that impacts that one person, …Who was not even looking for any such revalation.
    I also believe that the entire work has enough in it to merit the complete representation.
    Sta’at hoda

  10. It would be very nice if you could record “Small Graces” in its book form. I´m from Germany and i love english literature specially recorded as a audio book. Do you want to sell the audio book, or do you want to publish it free on your website?

  11. It would be nice if you record “Small Graces” in its book form. I´m from Germany and i really love english literature especially recorded as an Audio Book. Do you want to sell the Audio Book or do you want to publish it free on your website?

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