Audio book decision; feedback needed

Hello, everyone. The summer hiatus has been both deeper and more extensive than I had expected. From a sweat lodge on the Pine Ridge reservation to the streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris, this has been a season to remember. I feel more than fortunate — I feel blessed. Perhaps the greatest joy was traveling through South Dakota with my son, Nik. The decision I made when he was a toddler to take a trip alone with him every year is bearing fruit: we travel well together and enjoy each other’s company. It is a pleasure for me to see the world through the eyes of a young man I love and cherish, while knowing at the same time that the two of us are creating memories that will stay with us forever.

I am hoping to actually get my blogging back up to speed soon. But before I do, I need some assistance from you. I have decided to have audio books (CDs, cassette tapes, MP3s, etc) of some of my works published, and I have two options from which to choose.

Either I can record Small Graces in its book form, or I can compile a selection of what have proven to be people’s favorite pieces from all my homiletic books. I’ll make my decision based on what I hear back from you folks.

Anyone have an opinion? Attach a comment here or use my Contact Me form.

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