An interview about “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo” that I had completely forgotten

I came across this interview the other day and thought, “Damn, I like this. I was pretty much on my game that day.” So I thought I would share it. Perhaps it will lead some of you who only know “Neither Wolf nor Dog” to its sibling, “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo.” The two are of a piece (along with the third sibling, “The Wolf at Twilight”). But “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo” is unique in its complexity and, if I allow myself to take fair credit, a story well told. Click on the link to see the interview.

5 thoughts on “An interview about “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo” that I had completely forgotten”

  1. I was just thinking I need to reread Neither Wolf nor Dog and The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo again! Your books always ‘take me away’ and make me feel things that I normally don’t feel. Right now in this ‘miserable time’ in our nation, I think this is a good time to read some of your books again. Thanks for your beautiful writings Mr Nerburn !

  2. Kent, when I saw the film made from your story “Neither Wolf nor Dog” there were a number of people sitting near me that had never read the book and were not aware of the trilogy you have written. I told them the names of all three and said, “The first book is Kent’s initiation into native culture, in the second he’s shown the importance of family and the third is when the magic starts to happen” I love all three of your books in this series, and have a profound thanks for your understanding and ability to express that understanding to your readers with humility. You have my deepest respect.

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