A wretched but necessary excess

I hate to do this, but circumstances leave me no choice: I need to talk about Christmas and holiday gifts.

I no longer live in Minnesota where my sisters conduct the sales of my books and personalized gifts. But I will be back there for some speaking engagements in the first part of October. So, if any of you want books personalized for the holiday season (or for any other reason), you should contact wolfnordog.com before the 1st of October and place your order, so I can sign and personalized your books while I am back there. You will still be able to buy books with autographs up until December. But if you want a personalized inscription, you should get your order in within the next few weeks.

My apologies for mentioning the holidays in September. But I know that some of you like to give personalized books or gift boxes and baskets as gifts, and I want to be able to accommodate you.

Enjoy the autumn. Even here in Oregon you can feel the shift of the seasons. These tawny delicious days almost make you forget about what is coming up behind, and far too soon.

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