A tsunami of blogs

Hello, everyone. I’ve been incommunicado for some time now. I’ve been devoting my writing energy to, of all things, writing. As a result, the blogging has suffered.

I’m beginning to have some serious reservations about the world of blogging, and I’m curious about your opinions.

Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “A tsunami of blogs”

  1. Blogging is about connecting… though it you can get somehow closer to your readers. They can virtually take part in your life, share your joys and sorrows.

    The energy required for blogging is an energy that can be constructed… I think that sharing a thought or two once a week is not going to affect your current projects all that much but… you know better.

  2. Renee S. Audette


    Please know that I, as one of your readers living far away, very much enjoy checking in to your website and reading your blogs. It does, to me, make you more accessible and it makes reading your works more personable.

    I would be dissappointed if you stopped sharing your thoughts and observations with us.

    R.S. Audette

  3. Kent,
    I am new to your blog, in fact I am new to blogs in general. Your blog is the only one I look at regularly. I enjoy checking in on your thoughts as I try to figure out life in this world. I too would be disappointed if you stoppped sharing your thoughts and observations.
    Debbie Wright

  4. Yours is the only blog I read, but I do check often for new postings for the same reasons I love your books. I find that the way you express yourself, and the subjects you address, whether simple everyday occurrences, or more serious issues, touch me and cause me to reflect more on the things going on around me. I’m inspired to be a better person, and to look at things in a more thoughtful way. I get that when I read your books, but your blog brings that inspiration on a more regular basis. I’m grateful to you for taking the time to post from time to time, and join the ranks of those who would miss it if you chose to discontinue your blog.

  5. I understand your concern Ken. There is much value in cyber-connecting and yet, there is also a strong polar pull present which seeks to rob us of what little time and energy we have. Even now, I should be starting dinner for my family, but I would so much rather be here… and so the tugging begins – this battle being waged for my attention, ultimately fostering a greater discontentment with the mundane. I am aware that moderation on the computer is key, but engaging souls in any forum is sometimes just too intoxicating. It is truly rare for an author to make himself accessible in the way that you have. I, for one, would be sad (because I just found you) but understand completely if you find you must revise your priorities. I know that those who truly care about you and your work, will put themselves aside and respect any decision you make in this regard. To that end, I wish you clarity as you ponder the issue at hand.

  6. My own blogging while I leave a message daily on myspace, xanga, etc. it is that hopefully I can share an idea a thought – and if someone responds great – So many people want feedback yes it feels good to get a response – but it is getting ideas out – I am a teacher and blogging gives me an insight to my students not possible in school – It has been a number of years since reading the first Kent Nurbern book – Since that time I have read most – My own life journey has taken many turns and twists and I am where I am too be now – peace bird

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