A Tearful Success

Well, the campaign for the headstone has been a wonderful success. The Unitarians, bless their ever-questioning souls, came through with unexpected generosity. The woman and I spoke together at the service. I told the story of how I got involved. She showed pictures of the young boy and told the story of the gravesite and how the cemetery board had made her take down her decorations.

Then I brought up the dream of the headstone and how they could be part of this dream.

My son, who was sitting behind the woman, said she gasped and sat upright when I proposed the idea. The people in the congregation reached into their pockets and donated from the heart. With a few more dollars we will be there.

The woman (it sounds so clumsy, but I really don’t want to use her name for the sake of her own privacy) told me that she and her family cried all afternoon about their good fortune. They had been sending away for headstone brochures, but had figured it was an impossible dream. Then, this.

Now we only have to arrange for purchase and installation, and a wonderful circle will have been completed. I hope to write something more as the story unfolds further. I want you all to be a part of this. But, for now, I just wanted to get the word out.

And to those of you who wrote asking how to help, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve tried to get back to each of you with the address of the bank that is holding the funds. If I didn’t get to you, or if any of you want this information, contact me.

This is a wonderful story growing out of a terrible tragedy. We are lucky to be able to play a part in it.

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  1. Kent,

    My dear cousin gave me “Small Graces” a year ago and I have read it over and over many times. It has become my favorite gift to give and you are now beloved in Romania and Czech Republic where I have friends who are also seeking the “Blue Moments” of Life and watching “God’s dreams” as they float across the sky.

    I was deeply moved by your story “Candles on the Grave” when I first read it sometime last year. It has stayed with me. When I saw your recent posting that you were going to speak that Sunday morning, I was grateful that you could be the messenger for so many of us who might like to offer some comfort to that loving mother, but simply didn’t know how.

    Please let her know she and her son are in my prayers.

    I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gifts you share not only through your words, but especially through your actions.


  2. Hi Kent,

    I’m a Romanian guy , that had the chance , as a friend of Mark to read some of “Small graces”.Thhank you for shareing with us that wonderfull thoughts.And beside
    “blue moments ” (I have one posted on http://www.lucidobrin.3x.ro that I’d like to share ) and “God’s dreams”….i’m looking for “my tree”…and fell like I found one.Tank you for makeing my mind running this way!!!
    And about the story of the mom ,all that came in my mine , is the part of the Bible that all the Christian Ortodox church reads for Sunday 02.15 : St.Matthew 25,31-46.
    May all your service be rewarded not here , but in the Haven.God bless you all that helped that poor lady ,and God have mercy on her son’s souls.
    May he rest in peace!

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