A Strange Question about generations

This is a very strange question. But I’m curious: what do you think your generation’s contribution, for good or for ill, has been to the world?

Perhaps this is an obsession only for those of us who came of age in the sixties, convinced we were changing the world, only to find that not only did we not change it as we had hoped, we planted as many bad seeds as good. But I think other generations must have some reflections on what they have done, as well.

I’d love to hear from any of you. We’re all called to meet certain circumstances, we somehow, as an age group, form an amorphous cultural critical mass, and we respond in a fashion that we neither understand nor control. Yet it is possible to say in retrospect that, yes, we were a cultural force and yes, we did move this world to a slightly different place than it was when we arrived on the scene.

It is a strange cultural phenomenon, understood only in retrospect, and then only dimly. But it is real.

Thoughts? From anyone?

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