A Special Offer on a Special Book

I am offering signed copies of what will soon be a Collector’s Edition of a book I dearly love — Dancing with the Gods. There are only a few available and I want to get them in the hands of you, my readers.

To purchase your signed copy contact www.wolfnordog.com

Here’s the story.  I wrote Dancing with the Gods as a guidebook for anyone — poet, painter, sculptor, dancer, writer, composer, actor, or anyone else — who knows the joys and challenges of working in the arts.  I wrote it because I know how difficult, exhilarating, and lonely such a life can be, and I wanted to share my insights about this journey.  I was inspired by the wonderful, seminal book that has influenced so many of us:  Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet.  (By the way, if you seek that book out, I recommend Stephen Mitchell’s interpretation/translation).

When Dancing with the Gods was published last year, the hand-off between the British publisher and the American distributor pretty much failed to happen.  So those of you on this side of the pond barely even heard of the book.

It is soon to be republished and made available here in America as The Artist’s Journey: On Making Art and Being an Artist. But this will be a paperback and will not have the look and feel of the beautiful British edition, Dancing with the Gods.

Here are some of the subjects I address:

Dreams and Fears: Choosing the Artist’s Life

The Peril of Easy Blessing: The need for long patience and the pitfalls of early success

Dark Nights and Waterless Places: When inspiration fails and doubt sets in

The Slamming Door: The pain and challenge of rejection

The Divine Thread: The psychic connection between artist and audience

The Architect and the Gardener: The magic of accident and faith in the unknown

I could go on, but you get the idea. I try to plumb everything from the challenge of making a living to the magic of inspiration and the necessity of craft. Much like my literary firstborn, Letters to My Son, this is a book where I try to give you the best of myself about a subject that is close to my heart – in this case, the magic of the creative life.

If you are a creator, you will recognize yourself in these pages. If you know a young person who dreams of a life in the arts, he or she will find inspiration and consolation in these words. I hope some of you will take the opportunity to get this beautiful signed edition before it is gone.








9 thoughts on “A Special Offer on a Special Book”

  1. If you’d like it under the title, The Artist’s Journey, you’ll have to wait a few months until it comes out in that form. Dancing with the Gods is the same book, done in hardcover with a different title. I hope you’ll consider this edition. Canongate, the British publisher, did a beautiful job.

  2. Yes, I would like an autographed copy of Dancing With The Gods. I’ve enjoyed your writing for a number of years and am looking forward to reading this book as I, too, am an artist (ceramics). Thanks!

  3. I’ve read “Dancing with the Gods.” As with all your books I’ve read, I enjoyed it immensely. It is close to home. All I’ve ever wanted to be is an artist, so it spoke to me on many levels and brought me insights to much of my own life. It sits next to my writing desk close to hand.

  4. “Dancing With the Gods” is my bible. I am a mosaic artist and encounter many artists that find themselves in ruts; I always suggest they read your book. I’ve purchased 4 or 5 copies and have gifted them to friends of various mediums. Their gratitude is overwhelming.

    During the pandemic, I have started another art form:writing. Such a wonderful, creative zone! I have crafted a short story which parallels much of what the world is experiencing. It’s a 12 page read, I’ve shared it with close friends and so far, I’d say about half of the people “get it.” Would you be interested in reading it? I feel a bit silly in asking, but if I don’t, I’ll never know your answer.

    I wish you good health and a long, happy life.

  5. I was fortunate enough to buy the Dancing with the Gods hardcover. It is a joy to hold and a blessing and inspiration to read. Thank you, Kent, for the gift of your insight and wisdom.

  6. I’ve pretty much shut down, Denise. I’m trying to stay healthy and sane and get some new work done. So this is a bad time to ask. Sorry. These are strange and trying times. Perhaps in a few months.

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